The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness – Except in the 21st Century of the American Foreclosure Court System

upside down flagAnd unless Americans are willing to face the facts and hold people (including corporations) ethically and financially accountable, we will lose the land and freedom we have fought so hard to protect. Democracy is in distress.

The question every American is asking is “when will this depressed economy start to recover?” The typical political answer is, “there is no silver bullet.” Then why do these politicians keep using the shotgun approach against homeowners?! Continue reading



Ian Pajer-Rogers | New Bottom Line, an organizer of the New Bottom Line shared an incredible document today.  The Win Win Solution is exactly what we need. Reconstruct the mortgages to the current market value at 2% for 30 years with the homeowners in lieu of litigation! Now is time to take that call to action to our Attorneys General, our Governors and our lawmakers. Continue reading