The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness – Except in the 21st Century of the American Foreclosure Court System

upside down flagAnd unless Americans are willing to face the facts and hold people (including corporations) ethically and financially accountable, we will lose the land and freedom we have fought so hard to protect. Democracy is in distress.

The question every American is asking is “when will this depressed economy start to recover?” The typical political answer is, “there is no silver bullet.” Then why do these politicians keep using the shotgun approach against homeowners?!

lorraine_brown-620x412Lorraine Brown was the President of DocX, a company that created and processed fabricated mortgage-related documents, first as a stand-alone unit, and later as a subsidiary of the document processing giant Lender Processing Solutions (LPS). LPS trades on the New York Stock Exchange today at $25.17 a share. Click here for LPS stock date.

David Dayen writes for Salon, “From 2003 until 2009, DocX routinely forged mortgage documents. Brown directed the scheme, whereby low-wage temporary workers would sign the documents in the name of executives at DocX, who were authorized as signers by mortgage servicers. Then, different temporary workers would attach fake notarizations to the documents, attesting to their veracity. This “Surrogate Signer” program allowed DocX to execute thousands of documents per day, increasing their profit margins.

Linda_Green_CompilationSalemDeedsThese forged mortgage documents were distributed to county land recording offices and state courts all over the country. After the collapse of the housing bubble, when these documents were put to use in foreclosure or bankruptcy cases, the scheme became apparent when people started comparing multiple mortgage documents with the names of authorized signers like Linda Green, all of which had markedly different handwriting.

This scheme was part of the giant bundle of illegal conduct known as foreclosure fraud. According to statements of fact from the Justice Department, from 2003 to 2009 DocX recorded over one million fake documents. That’s probably a low number. DocX wasn’t just forging signatures, they were fabricating entire loan files.

[Yeah, probably really low since over 84 million loans were written during this period]

During the bubble years, they created a now-infamous mortgage fabrication price sheet, where mortgage servicers, who had trouble proving in court that they owned the homes they wanted to put into foreclosure, could purchase, at low prices, whatever documents they needed. To “Recreate Entire Collateral File,” basically the whole set of documents including the promissory note? That would set a servicer back $95.00.”

As Dayen points out DocX was just the subsidiary of another criminal-like operation. “Even LPS,” Dayen writes, “the parent company of DocX, got away with this fraud. In addition to the $2 million settlement with Missouri, LPS settled with Michigan, the other state to convict Lorraine O. Brown, for $2.5 million. Other states followed suit. The federal government closed its criminal investigation into LPS for a settlement of $35 million, specifically for the crimes at DocX, which by their conservative estimate included over 1 million documents. That’s roughly $35 a document, about the price of a parking ticket. All in all, LPS has committed around $160 million to settlements over document fraud, which sounds like a lot until you realize they made $2 billion just in 2011.” Click here for the entire Salon post by David Dayen – The recession was her fault.

While Lorraine Brown is not really entirely responsible for the recession, she is off to jail for a short term and the LPS stock is still trading away – which begs the question, “why anybody in the world (in their right mind) would own such stock that is akin to owning Enron shares?!” It is certainly beyond belief!  Probably because it is tightly wrapped up in all those empty mutual funds.

These settlements for fraud are nasty little gnats in the scheme of the overall operation designed to confiscate American properties. Judges and Congress need to be more cognizant and make these fines or settlements for the allegations of fraud and other misdeeds NON-DISCHARGEABLE as well as NON-DEDUCTIBLE. Fraud should never be considered a business deduction or discharged in bankruptcy (it should be a priority lien), and frankly management should be disgorged of profit including their ownership of stock shares which should be immediately cashed in and equitably distributed to the victims of their fraud.

This document fabrication business frustrates all of us including Lynn Szymoniak, the whistleblower who helped expose fraudulent mortgage assignments at DocX and made famous the various handwriting alternatives of Linda Green. “The most disappointing thing,” Szymoniak said, “is if I walked into a court in Florida right now, I’d see people losing their homes with Linda Green documents.”

P1-AO116_RUSPRO_NS_20081228191715We, the people of this country have been seriously damaged by acts of fraud created to confiscate the properties and lands of the states. By allowing fraudulent foreclosures to continue, states are losing their borders to foreign investors as debt is packaged and sold in bulk. No longer is this land free – it is over-leveraged and weighted down by debt that is handed off internationally in fraudulent packaging ripe for takeover.

State legislators, governors and judges are too busy filling their pockets with golden apples from the fruits of their questionable labor that they miss the big picture where the land and the rights of the people they are sworn to protect is being swept away right under their feet. At some point foreigners will stake claims to our lands like gold diggers did in the gold rush – only there will be no way to recover the properties. The legislators and the governors will be gone and the state borders will be but a blurry line.


Many courts are creating significantly bad case law when they know they should be looking, sua sponte, at the fraud. These creatures of judicial guidance have been sucked into the Wall Street vacuum by heavily investing their savings and profits to the point of ruin if the banks failed. It is very difficult to deliberate over matters that could directly impact your own future.

Bad decisions against homeowners will resonate for years allowing foreigners, or anyone willing to commit fraud (which because of bad case law has basically become legalized) to takeover America. By our own misguided laws and court decisions, we’ve allowed the breakdown of the system that maintained our property rights for more than 300 years.

Locally, it appears there is no one protecting you. Notice the bulk of state legislation is nonsensical diatribe in an effort to look like they are earning the salaries we pay them. Very few have stood up and demanded investigation into the public land records. Most have defended the fact that they are not responsible for fraudulent filings and many are trying to legalize the way the document fabricating companies are doing business or making it easier for the banks to forge documents.

Be aghast at the lack of protection and be concerned that our powers as the “people” have lessened. Do not continue to re-elect legislators, locally or in Washington, that are not clearly willing to first and foremost protect the land.

Only when we address the damage being done at the homeowner level will we begin to crawl out of this recession aka depression. And only when we re-instate laws like Glass-Steagall will we even begin to scratch the surface of resurrecting and perfecting our property titles that have been eroded by the fraud and corruption. The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono Language:Hawaiian
Translation: The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness Adoption:1959


Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono has been a motto of Hawaii for over 160 years. It is generally claimed that it became the motto of the Kingdom of Hawaii when King Kamehameha III (1813-1854) spoke the words on July 31, 1843.

This was the day that sovereignty was restored to Hawaii by proclamation of Queen Victoria following a five-month-long rogue British occupation.

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Whether or not you are represented by an attorney understanding the legal system is an asset.  The more you learn, the less likely you are to be taken advantage of or scammed.  Knowledge is power!


24 thoughts on “The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness – Except in the 21st Century of the American Foreclosure Court System

  1. I will NEVER trust a bank again! In 2009 our bank called us on all our Mortgage notes of all our investment “land” properties. We were at one time premier builders in our area. Our investment properties, we put 20% down on all of them. They wanted us to pay-up 65% of each investment property to re-finance us. We had NEVER missed a payment in our lives! For a while, they did offer a short-term re-finance every 6 months at the cost of $700 per property (3 times) while we tried to find a bank to refinace us. No bank offered refinancing and I told my husband to stop making the payments. He was in tears. They wanted our investments and they got them!!!! We will NEVER invest in anything for the rest of our lives (Except guns & ammunition) Buyer Beware! The banks are now setting up the next new batches of victims with their 0% or low-down-payment offers! If I do anything in the future I’ll be filing a “Homestead Act” on our home to hold onto it while the economy goes down the sewer.

    • I lost $170000 that on a mortage that the bank sold me with their appraisal of $450000 on a home I had when I bought the $330000 mortgage. The house now is worth $190000. This was a steal. I know your feelings. Then me and my wife lost our good health and can no longer afford that house. Soon declaring bankruptcy.

      • My husband was under so much stress, trying to keep our guys employed, losing our retirement and all our investments that he had a massive stroke Oct. of 2010 at the age of 52. He’s now paralyzed on his whole right side. Statistics show that just after the bank shams started that the claims on Social Security Disability went through the roof. We almost filed bankruptcy ourselves. We live life on the edge.

  2. One thing I would like to point out is there more robo signers than Linda Green. And the fact that Linda Green and other robo signed docs are still allowed in the courts to unlawfully seize property is not only a heinous crime, it is a DIRECT BREACH OF THE SETTLEMENTS AND CONSENT ORDERS. ALL BETS SHOULD BE OFF! THE BREACH SHOULD PUT THEM ALL IN JAIL! PROSECUTE THE SNAKES AND STOP THE CRIME AGAINST AMERICAN PROPERTY AND OUR WEALTH. Dominique Johnson , Evonne McElligott, Jeff Stennman, G. Hernandez, Letiicia Quintana, Leticia Arias, Michelle Sjolander, and many more are criminals and robo signers. The proof is out there, however unfortunately the politicians and judges are not doing their job to stop the crime. Worthless consent orders and settlements not worth the paper they are written. Bills being submitted to the Capitals and Washington DC along with being gamed, to enable unlawful seizures of property made easier. I am beginning to see how the Holocaust played out. I could never understand as a child how the Holocaust could have happened with so many human beings in place wachcing it happen, that could have prevented it and did not. Unfortunatley I am beginning to understand when so many more human beings are in place and watching this horrible event and not stopping it. Claiming if they prosecute the world will fall apart is a cop out.

    • Most people would love to to go after the illegal banking set-ups if they could AFFORD IT. Most of us spent our “retirement” trying to hold onto our investments not knowing they had staged the re-financing schemes to bilk us dry. You want your investments back? Your looking at a minimum of 6+ years working with attorneys with a cost of about 50 Thousand dollars +, PRE-TRIAL. Who the hell can AFFORD this! PRO-BONO? No Attorney is going to touch it Pro-Bono. Who makes money? The banks and the attorneys. They are a Casino, it’s set-up so the house wins. Let go of the rope, walk away and don’t ever sit down to their table again. The cards & the house are against you.

      • If we all did as you suggest there would not be the success we have had today. We are better off each month than the month before and have made baby steps of progress. All battles are worth fighting and I could never give up on America the people being harmed and our children paying for this evil because we just give up and let the banks win. It is “Not” in me. Some of us need to battle this crime and expose it. Thank you Virginia for doing the exposure! Giving up is just what the banks ordered. Giving up enables the crime.

    • Is there amasterlist of robo signers.
      I would love to have a copy.I lost my home of 32 years.Assignment 4 years LATE….You know the drill!

      • If you email me at I can send you a pile of robo signers and if you go “Mortgage servicing fraud” and scroll over to fruads and fraudsters you will find robo doc and massive robo signers. If you go to Lynn Szymoniaks Fraud Digest you can find robo docs and signers. I have massive Linda Greens G. Hernandez Leticia Quintana, Leticia Areias Dominique Johnson, Evonne McElligott, Jeff Stenman, Shannon Steeg and more. Full copies of the docs. Stephen Broviak, Brian Bly, etc.

    • The banks has bought the whole US goverment ( Executive, Judicial and the Representatives ) we the american citizens are screwed.

      Thomas Jefferson once said:
      “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

  3. I am hoping LaMar Gunn will have some answers for you on where the info comes from for the counterfeit notes and all. Albert might as well.

  4. I you were to make one counterfit $20 bill you would get about ten years in prison. But the banksters just get the Fed to do it for them.
    The difference between an owtlaw and a banker is an owtlaw wouldn’t think of taking your home.

  5. What a statement. and what an intriguing header photo. I have heard of real estate agents upset that they arent getting all of these homes foreclosed and on the market because of assembly bill 284 which combats robo-signing among other “hurry and get people out of their home practices” pushing foreclosures is a sad thing to me short sale is help.Great post.


  6. No intent to harm? What a flippin bad joke! Lorraine Brown did not intend for wrongful foreclosures by fraud? Suicides due to the wrongful foreclosures, homeless due to the wrongful foreclosures, homeless families and disrupted lives due to wrongful foreclosures, the economy in ruin due to enabling the banks to continiue wrongful foreclosures and ruining the economy. What have I missed? Oh loss of equity, wealth, investmens pensions and sanity all related to enabling the crimes of the banks. Funds spent on litigation with fraud docs to support the criminals. I am sure I have missed a lot. No intent to defraud with fraud docs? Who are they flippin kidding? NO LOSS? NO VICTIMS?

  7. Amazing 8 years later how much information has been erased from the Internet – like the video of Lorraine Brown and the fraud rate sheet. Wonder if it could have anything to do with the current 2020 Election Fraud that mirrors Fraudulent Foreclosures?

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