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1.     Mortgage Fraud and MERS Exposed 

2.     Take the Red Pill!


4.     The Federal Reserve System The Biggest Crime You Will Live Under In Your Lifetime

5.     The End of the Dollar

6.     The Secret of Oz

7.     Currency vs. Money – Gold & Silver: Hidden Secrets of Money

8.     Bill Moyers Interviews Rep. Marcy Kaptur


10.    Sen. Ted Kaufman Introduces COP’s Nov. 2010 Report

11.    Who Owns the Loan??? Pro Se Homeowner Newman Raises Significant Issues

12.    HELP NYC — Homeowners Eradicating Loan Phonies

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Whether or not you are represented by an attorney understanding the legal system is an asset.  The more you learn, the less likely you are to be taken advantage of or scammed.  Knowledge is power!



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