“Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono”
“The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.”

DC AvatarThis blog site is for YOU the reader – to make your opinions known and enable you to express your thoughts, insights, fears and be DEADLY CLEAR.  The author of the blog has become more compassionate and socially enlightened with age after entering this world from a conservative culture. One learns best by good example and keeping an open mind.

In a world where the law is in complete chaos & greed and stupidity collide, when your life, home, and future are no longer your own, there are but a few super defenders who can strike fear in the heart of corruption. Logical reasoning, comprehension, and intuitive foresight reach farther than most others are willing to tread. Proficient legal & litigation assistant, in-depth historical researcher, intense document examiner, foreclosure historian, award-winning blogger, journalist, and screenwriter.

“There is no promised road leading to definite results. What’s important is
how to keep open as many options as possible.”
– Makoto Kobayashi, co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2008

My goal is to share and achieve perfection in Ho’oponopono
which means to make things right.
E Komo Mai and Aloha.

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  1. I read your post on moveyourmoneyproject.org about MERS. I’m still learning but how is it that MERS is the direct source of the financial collapse? Wasn’t the financial collapse caused by banks raising interest rates on ARM’s, causing people to not be able to pay their mortgages and thus causing the banking system to tank?

    • Hi Joe,
      Just to set the record straight (for both You and other users who’ve either been misled, or misconstrued the history of how, where we are, all came to be. The raising interest rates on ARMS, was actually the 2nd (& Third) phases of all this. The history of “MERS” is rather well documented at the outset of “The Big Short” (both the book and movie), however the third (& supposedly current) iteration of MERS didn’t come in to existence until 2000 (12/31/1999 to be exact, best I recall). MERS, is simply a computer program. MERS Holdings, MERSCORP Holdings, & both “, Inc.” are the ‘membership organization.”
      The financial collapse went like this:
      MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) as a concept are created.
      Lots of NY Securities laws have to be changed.
      REMIC’s are created to facilitate the securitization of the MBS in Trusts (so huge investment banks and pensions can engage these “instruments”(typically 5000 to 10,000 actual mortgages) and reap the ‘mighty’ benefits.
      MERS is created LAST in the process, because not only are there THOUSANDS of County recorders watching over the original mortgage recorded copies securing debt against trillions of dollars worth of instruments in our 50 states; there are also 2 different forms of securing that debt on a state by state basis. See, I think there are 18 Judicial States (requiring Court Action to ForeClose on a Mortgage) and 32 Non-Judicial (aka “Deed of Trust”/DOT) States just to make the confusion complete. BANKS….the little 1’s, the one’s that historically MADE the mortgages or issued the DOT’s & funded the purchase/re-finance of YOUR home considered Mortgages the “little engine that could”. The Yield was (@10% APR, dealing with a magnanimous rate in the late 70’s under Carter when we had 18% inflation, 25% Creditcard rates and 15% REAL unemployment….back when this scheme became a brainchild) on a $100K mortgage led to payments of $877. a month for 30 Years. Total of Int. Paid? $216k. Total Repayment including the $100k Principal? Yep, $315k. “The Little Engine that Could”. Where can You get a 216% ROI?
      The start of the process of ‘investors’ getting in this ‘action’ started with the S&L Scandal of the late ’70’s & early ’80’s, along with Carter’s CRA whereby banks were extorted by both the federal gov.org and NGO’s like the Rainbow coalition (which I experienced first hand) to MAKE loans to people who had zero chance of ever repaying the loan[s]. The Leviathan aka federal gov.org got their nose in the tent.
      Back on track & moving forward, the problem was that mortgages are stable, like Deeds and DEEDS of TRUST…they’re made between the bank and the Buyer/Borrower. NOTES are as negotiable (given a certain SIMPLE set of circumstances) as those dollar bills in Your wallet (in fact THEY ARE NOTES, aka ‘promises to pay’ as well, however that’s another discussion entirely, for another date & time). The NOTES, without the Mortgages are simply IOU’s…useless if not collateralized; the MORTGAGES/DOT’s actually secure the REAL PROPERTY to the Notes and make them (formerly) the most secure and safe lending investment a financial institution could make.
      MERS enabled the high speed transfer of both the Holder and Owner/Servicer of the NOTE (entitled to all those traditional 360 monthly payments), and MERS allowed the largest defrauding of the Clerks of Court and County Recorders, along with theft of equity, in the history of the world, exponentially exceeding the total losses of everyone in ‘every form’ during the great depression beginning in 1929 through 1941, and happened from 2000 through 2009 for the most part.
      TICK-Tock….the actual collapse starts like this (& I was pretty close to ground zero, yet totally unaware we had Chinese, Japanese, EU and Saudi Investors up to their eyeballs vested, in these REIT’s)….
      2nd&3rd Quarters, ’06…NEUS sales of New & Existing homes tank by more than 50%. 4th Quarter, valuations drop by 36% in 1 3 month period (hadn’t seen that before, ever, anywhere, as long as records had been kept).
      Well Joe, see it’s like this. When YOU have YOUR home on the market and You are told by Your agent “it’s now worth slightly more than 1/2 of what it was LAST MONTH” You pull Your listing from the market and tell momma, Honey, we’re not goin’ to Florida as soon as we thought.”
      Meanwhile in Florida, where the 10,000 a day retiring from the NEUS are coming to, is building out like it’s HONG KONG with demand beyond construction capabilities for an estimated 10 year backlog of ‘buyers’. By March, the majority of ‘tourist season’ has passed and sales (new & existing) are off over 88%, year over year. In June, the secondary lenders begin to fall. They buy loan packages from mortgage brokers and the smaller banks, and then resell to the “mega-banks” a few months later.
      The First to Go is New Century Mortgage based in St. Petersburg.
      Next (less than a week later) is Freemont Investment and Loan. Then the secondary market simply collapses, because nobody’s BUYING the loans they ALREADY Bought & they’re left holding the stinking (and flaming) dog poo found on the front porch that they’d walked in to their own living rooms with.
      Next goes Coast Bank, based in Bradenton and handling (easily) 80% of all the Pure Construction and CtoP loans in Florida aside those handled by the megas(read=top 15 banks that now have consolidated down to about 7)for their primary customers.
      No More construction would lead 1 to believe that existing values would rise, right? WRONG. We’re in total meltdown by Late July, the economy is shedding 500,000 jobs a month, interest rates are skyrocketing (WHERE You can actually Find a Lender who still LENDS?!) Unemployment rate is rising 2 points a month nationwide and Shifty Paulsen along with Bernanke march the top 10 Mega’s CEO’s (to cover for Citi & CW/BoA) in behind closed doors after painting a picture for GW Bush and B.Obama (this is August, ’07) significantly bleaker than that of the Generals to the POTUS (Jack ) in “Mars Attacks”, while designing (on the fly) the “TARP” bailouts (Originally Titled “Troubled Asset Recovery Program”, & rapidly thereafter renamed “TOXIC ASSET Recovery Program” (& btw, there isn’t such a thing as a ‘toxic asset’, any more than ‘negative growth’, or “a little bit / Kinda pregnant”. Of Course when the lift stations stop pumping uphill, the top of the food chain gets slammed too and for that we have Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns.
      Like Humpty Dumpty, all the kings horses and men, could simply make sure all their busom buddies all got platinum parachutes, and those who chose to raise a hand of objection to the unconscionable, (including FORD with the Auto Bailouts following in the next year) were to be punished unmercifully, by the gov.org, which officially entered the realm of fascism, with the advent of TARP (& simply expanded their vested interest[s], with all of the subsequent bailouts).
      Joe, You should know the rest, where it gets juicy for most of the rest of us, is the ACTIVE participation of the JUDICIAL Branch (partially to preserve their pensions, but mostly) to protect their futures and cushy positions of power having been (nearly 85% of them in Florida) former BANK, Bank Foreclosure, Representation Lawyers, or actual direct EMPLOYEE Lawyers of the BANKS, now sitting over all these foreclosures? Wow, now there’s a recipe for fairness, right? want to know YOUR Chances? Have an investigation done and employment history run…on YOUR JUDGE. I’ll bet a dollar it’s not only worth the funds required, it’s so enlightening, You likely argue for recusal.
      Hoping somebody learned something in all this, because lunch time’s over and I have to get back to the dirty 4 letter word, work.
      Good Luck to all,

      • Mick & Joe –

        Just one clarification. MERS was actually 3 separate and distinct corporations. It is completely researched and documented in https://deadlyclear.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/the-history-and-death-of-mortgage-electronic-registration-systems-inc-according-to-the-ustpo/

        All the documents are linked and the details give you the chronological order of events. The original MERS began in the early 1990s. As of today, 2 entities exist. MERSCORP HOLDINGS, Inc. and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. Only MERSCORP owns and operates the registry software and has the membership. Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems, Inc. is a shell corporation, a straw man, no assets, no employees only found in the mortgages. To our knowledge, no document has ever surfaced or been filed that allows the commingling of corporate documents or assets between the corporations.

        Just an aside, the creators of the first MERS included Fannie and Freddie and a Nations Bank agreement.

  2. Deadly C- Prior to “The Collapse” or our “knowing” what was to come from our crooked lending institution, our Bank hit us with a 20 page Form asking about out assets. They had a complete current history of our financial lives, income, taxes, checking, savings, IRA’s, other investments, properties, vehicles and machinery. They found out our total worth. When they Called-In on our business property mortgages they wanted us to “Pay Up Front”, 65% of the total cost of each mortgage loan for each property we had, to refinance us under a standard short-term (3 to 5 year) business mortgage contract for the remaining 35%. We could not do that and while we haggled with the bank they gave us “short-term 6 month mortgages” at the cost of $700 (refinance cost) on each property. It didn’t take them long to clean us out just trying to keep on the bargaining table. We were able, with the banks okay, to sell one property on a “Short Sale”, the bank got all the money from the sale and now are suing us (3 years after the sale) for the remaining balance owed on the loan, the bank feels it “lost money” on the deal. We went to other banks, it was the same deal. It was a “Tug-of-War” against crooks and we finally let go of the rope because we ran out of money. There’s no hiring a lawyer, there’s no money to pay a lawyer and I don’t have the funds to haggle with a lawyer and a crooked banking system for 6 years or more in the courts over the whole thing.I’m waiting for the other actions that will be filed against me on the other properties and I’m taking the whole mess and filing bankruptcy. We never in the whole history of our business, ever missed a payment on anything in any area of our business. Subcontractors, suppliers, employees, business property investments for our future work, charge cards, you name it, we paid it, faithfully every month for 12 years. We were 100% honest in everything we did. We had to lay-off 7 faithful, talented employees and right now we only keep 1 employee part-time. If you have an answer for this I would sure be interested in hearing your view and if anyone knows a good lawyer that would work for us “Pro Bono” in Seattle,WA. and take pay at time of settlement in our behalf, I would be open to that also. (As I stated in another post) It was the first time in my marriage that I saw my husband break down in tears. At the age of 52 my husband suffered a massive stroke from all the stress, this left him paralyzed from shoulder to foot on the right side. This event and another mini stroke finished us off financially. He went on Social Security Disability.

    From other information sources that I have gathered and read on the internet, I feel like our government it trying to send us over the suicide cliff.
    It’s all just so very crazy.

    • your story is so similar to mine, I wont bore you with the small details. I also lost my good credit history and had to auction off farm. came out like you, stressed, angry and ill, of course,after working hard and honest all my life. it makes me very angry to see how our elected officials are doing nothing to bring justice to people,millions, who were wronged. they are too out of touch . surely I am not the only angry person who wants to see something done before our country breaks out in crazy violence like they are seeing in so many other countries.

      • My name is Kathy Torrenga. I am 44 years old. I graduated from Orchard View High School in Muskegon, MI with a major in art. I’ve been married to my HS sweetheart, Dave, for 25 yrs. this July 15th. (I’ll be surprised if we make it past that, if the banks and their attorneys have anything to do with it we won’t.) WE HAVE 2 children, Kendra Jo and Alex. Now, ages 21 an 19.
        I have no idea who I am anymore. Seriously. I do not know myself as I did before October, 2010. And neither does my family nor my friends. I am glad and thankful for what I DO know now. And for the people I have met through the years of fighting for my home. I will forever be grateful for them. I had beat the banks, they never proved ownership of the “note” nor any payment history, my loan is still, to this day, LITERALLY, LOST.
        I started this hellish journey just to prove that WE WERE NOT DEADBEAT homeowners who lived beyond their means or purposely skipped payments, or missed payments, for whatever reason! We didn’t. I was about to find out exactly how life changing proving that would be. I don’t know of too many people who would put their life on hold, no work, no play. Just laws about foreclosure and housing…and it continues until this day.
        For almost four years, I have been trying to make sense of what, how, and why, some foolish, greedy, idiots did to, sell, send, transfer, assign, GAMBLE, etc. our purported mortgage…first of all, this yr. will be 22 yrs. that my husband and I, with our two children have been living in our home, the home, in fact, I went into labor with our first child, our daughter, the night we moved in, We had always made our payments, at least 99.9% of the time. Our life was great, so I thought.
        It started when I received an envelope, addresses to my husband, no return address, nothing inside except for a money order from our (purported) mortgage company. Not cased, nor endorsed, and with no explanation. I called the customer service number and was told that they were, “out of business” and that we should be receiving a welcome packet from our new lender soon. Hmmmm….weird.

        In Oct. 2010, we received in the mail, USPS, one thin paper from BAC HLS stating that they were our new “servicer” (first time I heard that term) and to call the customer service # within 3 days.
        I called immediately. I was told they were a debt collector and they needed to know what I owed on my mortgage, what my pmts were…yeah, a mess. And it was at that time that we were told we were in FORECLOSURE. I felt faint, confused, angry, lost…and PANIC. Our next payment to our “normal” (purported) lender wasn’t even sue yet! Plus, they had sent back a payment. I have all the records of pmts. They obviously were mistaken. I had to figure this out. And the faster, the better! That was too much to ask for it seems…
        I complied with each and every demand they requested, for almost 3 years.
        It has been the most deceitful, illegal, unethical, unprofessional, heartbreaking, and inhumane, scheme that I was forced to become a part if for almost four years with no end in sight as of yet. I am sure this will be worth the 3 1/2 and a half of HELL they put me through. Just for owning the knowledge that I HAD to
        cram in my brain, by researching, the lingo, becoming “well-versed” in these laws, I Fed-Exed hundreds of personal and financial docs that BofA demanded, call upon calls requesting lost papers, docs, financial docs that I had already faxed, needed more faxes sent to more and different addresses, mostly in other states. I googled myself half to death and decided to investigate what happened, was it just us? Or was this a part of something bigger…? So I went to the Register of Deeds to get a current copy of my mortgage 2-2 1/2 mos. after this began and when I realized
        just HOW MUCH I had learned, i was compelled to continue this on my own. I didn’t believe in retaining an attorney because I was not guilty of anything. Especially missing any payment! We pay our bills.
        What I found after that was astonishing. (At the time, nothing surprises me now.)
        Our original purported lender, First Franklin, a Division of National City Bank of Indiana, decided twice to assign my mortgage unbeknownst to us. The first assignment wasn’t even two weeks after we signed at closing, the second, in November, 2007, was to Citibank N.A, as a Trustee for First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust, Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2005-FF12. The date of assignment says Nov. 1, 2007, no effective date nor date of execution, oh, and someone actually
        hand wrote the legal description on it and it had some sketchy squiggles on it. Back then I didn’t think to question it. Now I know that was only a cover, the PSA, or “trust” had a cut-off date. December 5, 2005. So it was 2 yrs. too late, and illegally recorded into the land records in my county. Recording of such assignments IS NOT a legal requirement nor does the register of deeds have to record it. And mine has been brought to my register of deeds’ attention on many, many occasions.
        BofA had never assigned or transferred any legal rights to our property, they didn’t do their homework on this particular property and they underestimated the will of this homeowner.
        I guess that’s why they never complied with the 6 QWRs I sent, to 4 different states as well as their council. Nor did they comply to the Debt Validation Notice sent via certified mail. Did they get a pass on the 30 days the law states they have to comply? Yah yah…
        So, National City had gone bankrupt, or merged, bought out, whatever, it wasn’t for good intentions. And First Franklin, their affiliates, are non-existant, since 2006. Awesome.
        So while looking over my purported mortgage and the recorded assignments of mortgage and then I realized that some of the names, their odd signatures, (looked like loop-dee-doops) looked very familiar! I had learned of the term, “robo-signing” earlier on in my research and now, after almost four years of education, there are no other terms I use regarding this crime except for FRAUD and FORGERY.
        I have found this very thing on the two purported mortgage’s Assignments, prepared by the very law firm who performed the sheriffs sale in June 2013. Then in turn, were illegally recorded in the Muskegon county Register of Deeds, where they sit today, July 2nd, 2014.
        The assignments was done by Trott & Trott P.C., Farmington Hills, MI, and was prepared by Security Connections Inc. (now known as TD Financial Services) witnessed by Jackie Woods (Trott & Trott employee) from Home Loan Services, another witness is Timothy Willis, Eileen J. Gonzales signed as Ass’t VP, I have the affidavits stating otherwise. It was notarized by Nancy E. Madeja, another confessed, convicted or deposed in another court, forgery queen.
        I obsessively looked further and found some more…in 2005, my loan was assigned to a different branch of First Franklin Financial Corp. (FFFC). it was prepared through Security Connections Inc. (same as above, through Yrott & Trott again) Security Connections Inc. is located in Idaho Falls, ID, in Bonneville County.
        This particular assignment of mortgage was signed by M. L. Marcum Vice President, (affidavit of mine states otherwise. Fraudulent as can be.)
        Angie Scott as Witnesses,
        Krystal Hall (I have Krystal’s depo as well as other assignments from other case where she forged her name) and Mary Enos, as witness.
        Karleen Maughan (Co-Owner of Security Connections) signed with no title, and it was notarized by Joan Cook. (Affidavit of fraudulent signer) BofA has no affiliation with Citibank N.A. so why did Trott & Trott P.C. foreclose, after 3 yrs, being BofA’s council, on behalf of Citibank N.A.? The trustee of a PSA which was not even available to invest on because of cut-off date being closed at the time of the fraudulent assignment of mortgage?
        We had a hearing on August 26th at the Michigan 60th District court, 14th Judicial with Judge Carol Husum, presiding. She is from Kalamazoo, filing in for retired, Judge Michael Nolan. I was DENIED my right to Due Process because I had no attorney. The purported plaintiff didn’t even SHOW UP! FocusRE LLC is claiming ownership to my family’s home and this judge GRANTED it to the purported plaintiffs attorney, David T. Bowen, at that hearing on August 26th. And dismissed my case after denying me to even SPEAK or show my evidence of payment sent back and payment history…
        On the morning of August 28th, I found a court paper, Order of Eviction posted to my door. It is back-dated, August 15th. It was issued BEFORE we even went through the proceeding! The judge did not sign this, it is not notarized. It has a man, Roger Smith POSING as a Deputy. The Muskegon County Sheriffs Department CONFIRMED this. We have to be out by Tuesday, this Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014. This is being appealed but we all have been threatened to be pit in jail if we protest. Please, investigate. David Trott is behind this whole matter. For that reason, 13 attorneys have decided to NOT take our case. We need HUMAN COMPASSION ASAP. Please, contact me at 231-736-5235 or (husband’s) 231-206-7160 or (daughter, Kendra’s) 231-343-3732
        I have 100% proof of ALL of my statements. Facts. Evidence DENIED to be put on record. Please look into this as soon as possible. Thank you. God bless.

  3. Thank you for your posts. They are very informative. I am glad I stumbled on your website. Do you know of any attorneys in the Miami, FL area that are very much in tune to the developing issue with Securitized Mortgages and faulty assignements? Thank you.

  4. Good stuff. I have people in Hawaii BTW they actually own their own land!

    Their son was a victim of NH corruption as well.

    We will be in touch soon email me at kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com to discuss.

    Here are some of the more compelling videos.

    NH Redress Committee — Note that someone archived this:

    Sand Canyon busted:
    This also relates to Donna’s friend Jeanne Ingress.

    Larry Sumski NH videos 1 and 2

    The related FOIA mess still ongoing. They owe me documents as a journo free of charge.

    More NH Mayhem and the Veuve Clicquot challenge!

    General vids

    MERS on your mortgage – Powerhour

    Notes and money

    Notary Decomissioned

  5. Here’s one: In December 2001, we obtained a loan from Aames Home Loan (now defunct). Purportedly Aames sold the loan in 7 days to Deutsche Bank, but their own documents indicate on May 1, 2002, Aames transferred servicing rights to Ocwen. Ocwen immediately treated the loan “as if” in default and sent hundreds of letters and admittedly made thousands of calls until we, as Plaintiff’s sued them in Federal Court to stop calling. They of course denied being debt collectors despite every letter sent they sent stated they were, and the District Court still agreed with them and dismissed our case (Northern District of Ohio, Case No. 1:07-CV-02739, Bridge v. Ocwen Bank, filed 9-11-07). Payments made were first applied to “alleged” late payment fees, keeping the loan in perpetual default by improper application of payments. Note: The Court also dismissed without prejudice, their foreclosure claim after Deutsche Bank attached a verified unendorsed promissory note, with an Affidavit, it was a true copy. As of mid 2009, there were no endorsements. Aames filed for bankruptcy and of course no loan records were available from THEM.

    I appealed pro se and won a reversal and remand from the Sixth Circuit. The Judge initially recused himself for bias and prejudice, then after remand decided he was no longer bias. (Sure!).
    In any event, low and behold, Deutsche Bank many months later in 2010 produced the original note, but was this time it was endorsed to them by a non-existent person, an alleged Officer, Assistant Secretary of Aames. By the way, the notary is also nowhere to be found. Private Investigators determined the person who transferred the note, never was an officer of Aames, was never listed as an Officer of Aames on any corporate filings in Florida or California. The Court would not allow any testimony from the Private Detectives, and never made Deutsche Bank authenticate the signatures allegedly transferring the note to Deutsche Bank.

    The Court granted Deutsche Bank foreclosure via “partial/ final summary judgment.” The Court then appointed a Master to sell our home. The only problem with that is the Master has a conflict-of-interest with me, appointed unqualified appraisers not residing in the county where the property is located, (Ohio Revised Code, 2329.17), of course, violating their oaths, The home is insured for $1.1 Million, and the defective appraisal was for $320,000 market value. A 2007 Appraiser valued the home at 650,000.

    The Court dismissed our counterclaims against Deutsche Bank upon filing our Answer.

    So, aside from the above, everything they did was above board and proper. They are trying to sell our home without, in 6 years of litigation, ever allowing us a jury trial or true basic evidentiary hearing.

    I am appealing. The story is the same as all of them, the only difference is the names and case numbers, and locations of millions of people who lost their homes under very similar circumstances. The news headlines should read “Jury Trials Abolished in America.”

    The Banks lied to the investors who bought the mortgage bonds, lied to the IRS that the loans were in trust, made credit default swaps betting against defaults, they created. In doing so, collected 15 to 30 times the loan maturity value. Took TARP funds intended for the homeowners, then took peoples homes from them after destroying the entire economy. Destroyed everyone’s credit so they could not remedy any defaults, etc., etc.

  6. You lose when you stop fighting.

    Don’t think Appellate Courts exist to help you – they don’t. All they can do is determine IF a material mistake was made that could have affected the outcome, and send it back to have it done over, this time right. You STILL lose, just owing the Banksters a ton MORE money for having had to fight you on the Appellate ( big bucks ) level.

    Best bet…keep filing specific actions asking the court to order compliance and award you damages for NON-compliance, and to do DISCOVERY.. When you file a lawsuit, YOU get to uncover everything – including what THEY don’t want you to know and see, and that’s when you’ll get their attention.

    The Good News is the feds have a LOT of stuff over their heads and are trying to get them to do right by people by INCENTIVIZING them to resolve things with you ( = giving them MONEY, [our money btw] !! )

    I’d love to know more about each of your situations – feel free to contact me. I’m compiling documentation for media and legislators and would like to know what you are going through.

    Tom Heinrich

  7. Aloha,
    Thanks for asking. Its been a bit of a lone run over here on the Big Island as a pro se litigant defending against One West Bank. Since Ocwen purchased the servicing rights from the late Indy Mac last September, they have stepped forward as the front guy. I have a hearing March 18th on my motion to dismiss and strike for lack of standing. I’ve filed a comprehensive securitization audit in support of that motion. I believe it will be dismissed. I suspect Ocwen will then file another complaint.
    I’m actively searching for pro bono assistance to file a Motion for Injunctive Relief, a Lis Pendes and a Quiet Title action. It seems pro bono attorneys are more available to sue One West Bank, Ocwen, MERS, Fannie Mae and Citigroup for securities fraud, as there are huge potential monetary windfalls.
    That’s my story. Please send any sober, conscious legal representation my way.

    With the greatest respect for this community, in gratitude,

  8. Is there any way you could point me to the research- habitat is trying to foreclose on a single mom with special needs kids after losing almost $1000 worth of payments mailed in, damages and issues(like jb weld on a fiberglass tub and refusal to honor much needed repairs that would have been warranty covered because the homeowners home was not important) and a year’s worth of water leaking and plumbing issues that are causing a 3yo home to deteriorate.

    • Habitat for Humanity is a national non-profit with local affiliates. You can go to legal aid and have their attorney write a letter to the local affiliate and copy national, documenting all the issues (everything), send registered mail. You’ll need that in a foreclosure too. If you can’t get a response from national, call (and document the call) national and ask them if they received your letter. Have the legal aid attorney research who runs the local HFH. Contact your local state legislators and copy them with your letter. Go to the local newspaper, after you’ve sent your letter and see if they might be able to give you some press. Attorney is the best way to start. Hope this helps.

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