Published on Apr 27, 2013

UPDATE: The Murray family was wrongfully evicted from their home on May 14th at  2:30 in the afternoon by 3 armed deputies and 3 men sent by BoA to insure they were removed. With the help of two friends there with them, the Murray family was allowed to remove what property they could remove in about 1 and a half. Although BoA attempted to keep the Murrays from reentering the obtain the balance of their property, a call from the local sheriff’s office resulted in a phone call from the Bank scheduling an appointment to remove their property the next day. BoA is committing bank fraud and telling the Murrays this case is still in litigation as late as May 23rd. They have used this strategy to keep the Murrays from the modification they were promised. Following their eviction, the bank has moved swiftly to list the property and sell it. Matthew, Beverly and their girls are continuing their fight to expose BoA for their activities which were facilities with the help of the courts and the bank’s Detroit law firm.

Whether or not you are represented by an attorney understanding the legal system is an asset.  The more you learn, the less likely you are to be taken advantage of or scammed.  Knowledge is power!

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