Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks

Under the Dodd-Frank Act “losses will be assigned to shareholders and unsecured creditors. …as a depositor in a bank, under the law –
YOU ARE an unsecured creditor.”

banker_debt_web“The Leveraged Buyout of America” by , Author, Web of Debt, Public Bank Solution; President, Public Banking Institute

Giant bank holding companies now own airports, toll roads, and ports; control power plants; and store and hoard vast quantities of commodities of all sorts.

They are systematically buying up or gaining control of the essential lifelines of the economy. How have they pulled this off, and where have they gotten the money? Continue reading


If you do nothing else this weekendPLEASE read this post.
If you are a Legislator –
this is imperative to your better understanding of the current foreclosure crisis
and why your Attorney General should NOT sign the servicer settlement agreement
… yet.
Yes, it’s long –  it’s factual, hang in there and you’ll learn what you need to know.

BY | FEBRUARY 2, 2012

WARNING: Attention homeowners: Do not read this post as legal advice. Although the information in this post is true, securitization fail, even of your loan, will not typically prevent the bank from foreclosing on you, unless you have a good lawyer. Even then, realistic end game is a sustainable modification, not a free house. More after the post. Continue reading

“$16 Trillion Dollars Flushed Down the Toilet” – says Delaware AG Beau Biden

If anyone doubts why the Governors in all 50 states should not allow their Attorneys General to sign the Multi-State Bank Settlement then take the time to listen to Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden in this MSNBC interview with Alex Wagner. CLICK HERE for Interview

Banks “who engaged in fraudulent behavior should not be granted criminal or civil immunity for potential wrongdoing related to illegal mortgage and foreclosure practices…the Federal Government and State attorneys general should proceed with full investigations into claims of fraudulent behavior by the banks”  CLICK HERE for video. Continue reading

Governor Abercrombie – “Do Not Let the AG Sign The Multi State Bank Settlement”


To be delivered to: The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii State Senate and Governor Neil Abercrombie

The public deserves to know the whole truth about the banking Ponzi scheme that is taking us to the brink of a World Wide Great Depression.

Aloha AG of Hawaii –

We need a more comprehensive investigation before the financial institutions at the heart of the crisis are granted broad releases from liability… PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE

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“The REMICs have failed! “The REMICs have failed!”

If Paul Revere were alive today he would be riding through the town warning “The REMICs have failed!” However, the government these days would go, “Shhhhhh!”

Most average homeowners have no idea what a REMIC is – actually most attorneys have no clue …. so, you know many of the Judges are completely in the dark.  REMICs are a form of IRS tax shelter sold to investors as part of the mortgage-backed securities package (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (“REMIC”) pursuant to I.R.C. §§860A-G).

The documents that killed the REMICs may actually help save your home. Continue reading

Ratigan on Delaware Fights MERS® – “even where Washington has failed to do so”

Delaware AG Beau Biden: Fighting Fraudclosure
October 28, 2011

Dylan Ratigan has been a powerful journalist in the investigative media exposing the frauds and government mismanagement of the Wall Street Ponzi scheme that lead to the worldwide financial collapse. Delaware AG Beau Biden is the most recent of attorneys general to file a lawsuit on behalf of the homeowners in Massachusetts against MERSCORP, Inc.  Ratigan’s interview with AG Biden identifies the significant issues that ALL attorneys general (including Hawaii) should be considering.

CLICK HERE for the interview.

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As most of us are aware – it’s about time that MERSCORP, Inc. became the thrust of the AG’s investigations. It’s also about time that JUDGES started reading up on the lawsuits against MERSCORP, Inc. and it’s “straw man” empty shell entity Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. and quit giving them a free ride. STOP making BAD law thinking you are protecting your pension and retirement funds – THEY ARE GONE!

Complaint | State of Delaware v. MERSCORP Inc



If there is one MUST WATCH interview for all Legislators, lawyers and JUDGES – it’s the MADDOW – BIDEN interview on MERSCORP, Inc. CLICK HERE and pass it along to your friends on the judiciary committees and the Judges on the bench.
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Joe Biden “Gets It” – “God-awful Ponzi schemes” that Wall Street engaged in

Biden: Because of Bush Administration and Wall Street ‘People Died’ and ‘Homes Burned’

October 19, 2011

( – Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that “people died” and “people’s homes burned to the ground,” because the Bush administration allowed “God-awful Ponzi schemes” on Wall Street.

Speaking at a rally to promote a piecemeal provision of President Obama’s jobs proposal, Biden told police and firefighters that the budget shortfalls of state and local governments were not attributable to state and local governments.

“Those of you know it’s not really the fault of your mayor or your government,” the vice Continue reading

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden TOTALLY Gets It!

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden TOTALLY Gets It!
Posted By StopForeclosureFraud on October 11, 2011

And here’s the second half of Sunday’s program of Up/Chris Hayes on MSNBC, in which VP Biden’s son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, weighs in on the big banks… This is a awesome interview – AG Biden and Chris “Get it”. Click here for interview.

Attorneys General Eric Schneiderman (D-NY) and Beau Biden (D-DE) “are investigating Wall Street’s bundling of these loans into securities to Continue reading

The Man Who May Bring the Banksters to Justice (If They Don’t Break His Knees First)

Miles Mogulescu for HUFFINGTON POST
Entertainment attorney, writer, and political activist

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman may go down in history as the most important public official in reforming the corrupt financial system that caused the great Financial Crisis of 2008 and holding the perps responsible — if he can hold out against pressure from Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and the Obama administration to give Wall Street a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

Eric Schneiderman has played a key role in the investigation of foreclosure fraud and robo-signing by 50 state attorneys general against JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Ally Bank. Reportedly, most of of the attorneys general — Continue reading