Governor Abercrombie – “Do Not Let the AG Sign The Multi State Bank Settlement”


To be delivered to: The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii State Senate and Governor Neil Abercrombie

The public deserves to know the whole truth about the banking Ponzi scheme that is taking us to the brink of a World Wide Great Depression.

Aloha AG of Hawaii –

We need a more comprehensive investigation before the financial institutions at the heart of the crisis are granted broad releases from liability… PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE

The NY Times editorial describes why Attorneys General Eric Schneiderman (New York), Beau Biden (Delaware) and Kamala D. Harris (California), have refused to join the 47 other attorneys general who have agreed to the settlement. The NY Times editorial stated,

“The proposed settlement reportedly would prevent the states from pursuing claims against banks relating to fraud or abuse in the origination of loans during the bubble. It would also prevent states from pursuing claims for foreclosure abuses, like improper denial of loan modifications. And it would prevent them from pursuing banks’ misconduct in their dealings with the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems database, or MERS, a land registry system implicated in bubble-era violations of tax, trust and property law. redress — could be impeded or blocked by the other constraints. Once one avenue of inquiry is closed off, it can be difficult to ascertain what happened along other points in the mortgage chain. In effect, the legal waivers being contemplated would let the banks pay up to sweep wrongdoing under the rug.”

NEW goal – We need 200 signatures – Please include yours and ass this along to your friends and family!  Aloha.


Hawaii elected Governor Abercrombie for his passionate forcefulness, his dedication to his constituents and the overall feeling he would protect Hawaii at all costs.  The time has come for him to again listen to his constituency and show the force of solidarity with AGs Schneiderman, Biden and Harris.

There is significant fraud filed throughout the state by these banks – and we cannot continue to protect them.  The game is over.

Hawaii’s AG David M. Louie is a strong leader and under the right direction is a force among men not to be reckoned with.  Unleash him on the banks and protect our Hawaii people and properties.

Politically the Governor has to know that this path the White House has taken is not leading anywhere except to ore tents and homeless people.

Stand up, Neil! Stop the madness, NOW!  Let AG David M. Louie do his job and investigate the banks – stop waiting for the statute of limitations to run out.


4 thoughts on “Governor Abercrombie – “Do Not Let the AG Sign The Multi State Bank Settlement”

  1. How can there be a fair settlement when all the damages are not identified? Can pressure be brought on these other 47 misguided AG’s? How many people have been wrongfully tossed out but were too old, sick, uninformed or intimidated? So many questions so few answers.
    The trust and faith of the American people in their leaders and justice system has been fractured to the core. This is a vital place to start rebuilding the foundation where pride, faith and trust can once again flourish!

    • Excellent points. There are Trillion$ invested in Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) that appear to have never been assigned or transferred to the trusts. On top of that, facts are surfacing that the appraisals were intentionally inflated, the underwriting guidelines were systematically abandoned and the bonds were over-rated. The homeowner had nothing to do with any of this. Banks used the borrowers “credit analysis and willingness to pay” to determine the amount of the loan and then went shopping for an appraiser to meet that figure – sounds like fraud and material misrepresentation, yeah?

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