Which Institutions Do Americans Trust The Least?

Which institutions do Americans trust the least? According to the Harris Poll’s findings, Congress has fallen out of favor – 72 percent of American adults reported a decline in their trust for Congress over the past few years. The White House has also seen a major fall in trust – 57 percent of people reported that they trust it less than before.

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Only 3 days to destroy the world’s economy. Clinton Presidential Documents on Glass-Steagall Repeal Reveal: No Good Reason For Doing This

Larry DoyleBy Larry Doyle Sense on Cents

I do not think there is any single piece of legislation in the last 50 years that has had such a profoundly detrimental impact on the American public than the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act separating commercial and investment banking.

That repeal is certainly not the sole factor that led to the economic crisis of 2008 and the ongoing pain we experience today, but it was certainly critical to the eventual meltdown. There is no great revelation in that assessment. Continue reading

How Soon They Think We Forget…

Obama bullshit

This quote is actually on the Change.gov Ethic’s page… No, really it is! Maybe President Obama just forgot it was there… ya think?

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Weekend Reading: The Property Illusion

How many people have to lose their savings, their equity and their pensions before there is a revolution – or is the intellectual revolution already here – “refuge to reconstruction”? That is the $54 Billion dollar question.

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One man’s wealth tax becomes another man’s wealth confiscation

Property RightsI have no doubt that given the need for sources of revenue by Uncle Sam and other sovereign governments, the topic of “the protection of property rights” will be increasingly brought front and center in the public arena.

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Obama Adds Insult to Injury – a “Sweetheart Deal” (no prison) for the banks!


Rumor has it that in a matter of days, after months of negotiation with big banks, the White House may announce a settlement that would let the banks off the hook for their role in the foreclosure crisis — paying a tiny fraction of what’s needed in exchange for blanket immunity from future lawsuits. If this happens will we ever be able to trust him again?

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