Policy Changes aka eNotes are Here! New Paragraph 11 in Promissory Notes.

monopoly_electronic_banking_editionWe’ve discussed UETA and eSign and the significance of explicit consent…in most cases pre-2008…there isn’t any. Here is a Indiana case that is riveting: Good v. Wells Fargo. Read it HERE.

In this case, Bryan Good stated that in this 2008 transaction there were apparently 2 notes. Wells Fargo asserts that Good signed an eNote with a new (policy change) paragraph 11 – and that is still not enough.

Yes – go get your promissory notes and look for paragraph 11. You probably won’t see it if your note pre-dates 2008. Continue reading

Understanding the Cause of the Economic Collapse

The average person is wondering why America can’t get out of this Depression and while we are not in bread lines like the 1930s – we’re getting awfully close.  Families are being displaced by foreclosures.  More tents are popping up around the cities and jobs are still hard to find.

To help understand what happened and what we can do about it let’s start with DERIVATIVES. These are unregulated investment vehicles that gambled away pension and retirement funds from around the world – so Wall Street could get rich… quick! This small clip, from the excellent documentary INSIDE JOB, explains in easy-to-understand terms how Collateralized Debt Obligations, or CDO derivatives, were instrumental to the global financial meltdown.

I highly recommend this documentary. INSIDE JOB sheds light on what really happened in 2008. Here’s a clip with the whole movie to follow.  Continue reading