It’s 2022, An Election Year – AND SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE

By Sydney Sullivan

Original Uploaded on Oct 9, 2009
Rep. Marcy Kaptur talks about trying to work with banks to prevent foreclosures in her hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Bill Moyers Journal airs Friday nights at 9 pm on PBS.

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This is where I first learned the term of political fraud pandering. American Homeowners thought they had a cheerleader and it turns out Marcy Kaptur and the rest of her political cronies were just another bunch of do nothing politicians. They had the chance to write legislation to outlaw the fraudulent securitization schemes, robo-signing and UNREGULATED DERIVATIVE and they did nothing! The small in consequential crap they did do, like the $25 million National Mortgage Settlement that Kamala Harris oversaw, was a drop in the bucket to the TRILLION$ of debt the banks created from Americans’ mortgages and never helped the over 56+ million American families that lost, short sales, or walked away from their homes. This and other bank/government “settlements” were just a smokescreen leading up to another election.

Are you pissed? You should be because its happening all over again and some of the foreclosure cases from 2009 are still in the courts. Kaptur was right – the banks don’t have the paper and never did. And what they didn’t have they tried to remanufacture it illegally. By these interviews, it appears, Kaptur was aware of the fraud, did nothing and caved to the powers at the time.

Twenty-four (24) years later American Homeowners better understand the frauds, good attorneys were threatened by the courts to lose their licenses, some did – because they defended homeowners with the RULE OF LAW – how dare they, huh?

And if the loss of American homes isn’t enough – these crooks drained the pension funds and have cause over $78 TRILLION in worldwide pension deficits. Don’t allow them to dare call TRILLION$ of debt “shortfalls” – it appears they have just been treading water for years and will never make this up. While the $78 TRILLION is a worldwide figure “the situation in the United States isn’t much better. Most Americans are ill-prepared for retirement and many underfunded U.S. public pensions are doomed, especially if deflation sets in.” Check your individual states for deficit details… and consider new legislators this year too. Frankly, they did nothing to protect homeowners or pensioners because it wasn’t part of their agenda. Wasn’t it Klaus Schwab who said, “You Will Own Nothing & Be Happy” – Davos 2022 The Great Reset?

It’s another election year. Be very weary about electing incumbents that have been around since pre-2009 and are again touting banking answers decades after the disaster without showing any willingness to write legislation outlawing securitization and foreclosure fraud and doing away with UNREGULATED DERIVATIVES (MBS, ARS, ABS) – and, specifically eliminating them, as well as “short” positions from any form of pension investment – especially in governments. No politician or judge should be holding an investment in a company that “shorts” these UNREGULATED DERIVATIVES, even if the company bought them from the Treasury. How can a foreclosure, appellate court or Supreme Court judge not be compromised and Avoid an Appearance of Impropriety when he has short positions in his investment portfolio?

Foreclosures are still happening. People have lost loved ones because of the stress of losing their homes and it didn’t have to be this way. Losing the home is like losing a member of the family – its an overwhelming loss.

I know the first thing you are thinking is, “well, they bought more than they could afford.” That simply is not true. There was a smear campaign that preceded the crash in 2008 targeted at American Homeowners. “Smear campaigns had filled the fake news airwaves that homeowners were irresponsible and “bought more than they could afford” when in reality the American homeowners were sold mortgages like stock shares. Mortgages were given on what the borrower would agree to pay and appraisals were intentionally inflated to meet the value needed for the banks and ultimately – Fannie Mae.

Fannie even patented the process of “willingness to pay” versus actual real estate value. Of course, the sales pitch to the homeowner was, “your house is appraised at $600,000 so you can refinance and pull out $200,000 and buy a second home” (or a boat, or take a trip, send the kids to college – whatever the kicker was to hook the fish). “Land prices have always escalated for the last 70 years,” another bankster narrative.”

Now that you know how the lies were perpetrated on the American public, think about why and who did this to us and don’t let them get near our government again.


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1 thought on “It’s 2022, An Election Year – AND SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE

  1. Even more than not having the paper, they do not have and never did, ownership, paid for, as required in law, of any underlying debt. Bought and paid for judges refuse to apply the rule of law because they’re compromised, all of them… just like most attorneys who further the fraud ignoring these issues and others … too much “money” in the judicial and BAR industrial complexes. And then there’s, as our research has shown, the “government” is the undisclosed “principal” in all this utilizing Fannie and Freddie admittedly as the governments’ agents; who hire sub-agents and sub-agents of sub-agents to further the fraud the “courts” also ignore in violation of “contract law” in virtually all jurisdictions which in itself, renders acts of “foreclosure” unlawful which unfortunately, sheriffs also ignore because they work for the judicial industrial complex instead of the people who elected them as they should under the (now eviscerated) Constitutions of the Fed. and State govts (which are corporations but that’s a whole other topic). Oaths mean nothing to these guys, only their pensions and pocket-books.

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