The Eerie Similarities Between American Homeowner Foreclosure and the US House Impeachment Inquiry(s)

By Sydney Sullivan

For over a decade, American Homeowners have been fighting the corruption that stems from the banks to legislators and down through the judiciary… and all the way up to the top of the political chain. Mortgages and Notes were faux pieces of paper created after American Homeowners filled out Fannie Mae 1003 applications where their personal  information and properties were sold into securitization/rehypothecation slavery before they signed the fake mortgage deals.

With this corruption grew tons of charlatans riding the gravy train at the expense of naive, sleepy homeowners and business owners who trusted their banks and government. Mortgage brokers and banks threw caution out the door just to get a name and data into the system with phony promises all would work out – however, the investment banks knew it wouldn’t. It appears there never was any intention for a long term mortgage arrangement. It was just a bubble as the Rule of Law had been assassinated by the manipulation of state and federal statutes (legislators) that resulted horrid case law (judges) that benefited the banks, US Treasury and ultimately the Federal Reserve.

American Homeowners couldn’t defend themselves without an attorney because the legal procedure and system are so convoluted and rigged. Finding an affordable attorney that knew what they were doing was nearly impossible. Lower Court Foreclosure Judges weren’t following the Rule of Law, didn’t understand securitization and had no knowledge of securities law. These were not traditional mortgages – but nobody openly discussed the scam. Like many legislators, judges also found cushy deals with their own mortgages when homeowners couldn’t get a modification – that the Obama administration offered and touted through a fake scheme called HAMP.

A Hoover vacuum cleaner was less powerful than the Obama HAMP program that sucked homeowners up through TV, radio and print ads to call their servicers to get a modification. Homeowners were told they had to miss 3-4 payments to qualify for the program. When they did their modification application was denied and the foreclosure proceeding began.

Long before “Q” surfaced, American Homeowners had their own band of anons digging into the securitization/rehypothecation (shadow banking) scheme. From fraudulent assignment of mortgage documents, forgeries, fraudulent REMIC trusts, pretender-lenders, inflated appraisals, manipulated mortgage applications, servicers to USPTO patents which designed and spelled out the corrupt system intention.

For a while the main street media (MSM) carried these stories – but although relatively unknown homeowners had already been sabotaged by a coordinated smear campaign that started 4-5 years before the 2008 crash. About the time the FBI had begun investigating mortgage fraud, the mockingbird media came out with the phrases “liars loans” and “people bought more than they could afford” at the end of their stories. Back when there were real reporters, some saw through “narrative” and tried to drive critical points home. Before Donald J. Trump entered the picture there were news anchors that felt so compelled to wake up the country they put their job on the line. One such Patriot was Dylan Ratigan, whose 2011 on-air rant was epic.

Dylan wasn’t the first to connect the dots, but not until Donald Trump hit the campaign trail and these Impeachment inquiries become the only news on MSM, did the drops of information begin to answer the reason – why? Why were these foreclosures happening? Why were courts refusing to review forged documents and securitization? Why were the good defense attorneys facing disbarment for representing their homeowner clients and the Rule of Law? Surely, corruption wasn’t the answer… but now it appears it may have been.

LivingLies’ Neil Garfield put together a succinct post wherein he outlines the courts’ justification – as lame as it may be in: Why Are All the Documents Fake in Foreclosures?

“While Judges recognize irregularities in the documents and procedures invoked in foreclosures, they are proceeding under the doctrine  of “damnum absque injuria.” The judges are saying that there might be a violation but there is no injury because you owe the money and didn’t pay it therefore you should lose your home and the interests of justice are thereby served.”

It’s no conspiracy theory that the banks pre-orchestrated the foreclosure crisis. It is spelled out in each in and every federal investigation, complaint, consent order and in their USPTO patents without having to read between the lines.

So, how do US House impeachment inquiry hearings compare to American Homeowners’ foreclosures?

First, think of California Rep. Adam Schiff as the “bank” (foreclosure Plaintiff) and the bank’s attorneys – yes, both of them (one in the same). View President Trump as the Homeowner. Schiff is trying to oust President Trump from the White House – in other words ‘foreclose on President Trump’s 2016 election.’ And this started within minutes after the inauguration – if not before. Same with homeowners. According to the securitization patents, the foreclosure process was already in place from the very beginning of the Fannie 1003 loan application..

Now imagine Schiff, as the bank, is controlling everything (including – in most cases even the court). He doesn’t have to produce evidence (‘hearsay is better than real evidence’). Schiff claims President Trump must be impeached,similarly the banks assert (with fraudulent documents) you must be foreclosed on and ejected from your home. Like President Trump, you have very little opportunity to state your own case or confront the accusers who signed those falsified affidavits, declarations and Assignments of Mortgage.

What Schiff doesn’t have, he makes it up. Schiff has the MSM to carry an impeachment narrative – just like what the banks do to American Homeowners. ‘Homeowners are deadbeats and deserve to lose their homes.’ You never even got a chance to rebut their un-investigated claims.

If you were lucky enough to have a bank’s witness testify (lie) that they had personal knowledge and you or your attorney cross-examined the bank’s witness and proved that they had no personal knowledge of your overall transaction and account, or that there were errors and glitches in the bank’s software (where, in any other case than foreclosure would be enough to eliminate the weight of the witness’ testimony), the judge still favored the bank – wink, wink.

Just like Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry hearings – in most cases, you never got due process, a trial – let alone a well-deserved JURY trial. The judges just listened to the bank’s attorneys, discounted everything you or your attorney had to say and made a rather uninformed (nice word for corrupt) decision against you.

Schiff’s phony reading of the fake leaker’s accuser’s accounting of President Trump on his Ukraine phone call isn’t much different than reading a foreclosure complaint or an Assignment of Mortgage. You’re not allowed to demand the signatories found on the Assignments to be brought into court. And even though you’ve got depositions, affidavits, declarations and various other proof that the signatures are forged – the bank is running the show and won’t produce these complicit individuals – nor will the court force them to appear.

The American Homeowners lose their homes, not on factual evidence, but on forgeries, fraudulent documents and a horrid securities scheme that was pre-designed to bust unions, drain pension funds and screw investors. This is the same thing that is happening in the U.S. House of Representatives’ Impeachment hoax. As a homeowner, if you faced foreclosure, you can see it – you can feel it, and frankly you can hate the corrupt process by the phony establishment bought and paid for by the banks.

Its very eerie to know the details of foreclosure corruption and watch the impeachment process where they blow off the Rule of Law, facts, and the Constitution just like the banks and corrupted foreclosure judges do. All for what? Globalization and big bucks! Just sayin’…

Your thoughts are, as always, welcome.

3 thoughts on “The Eerie Similarities Between American Homeowner Foreclosure and the US House Impeachment Inquiry(s)

  1. The corrupted judicial system and corrupted politicains are taking away voters rights in many levels as you can see in this artilce.Eyman to Ferguson: 3 strikes, you’re out!! Motion to Name Outside Counsel filed. AG Bob Ferguson’s intentional sabotage of I-976 must end. #AllInOnTim

    Thurs, Dec 5, 2019

    Our thousands of supporters throughout the state
    (cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

    Tim Eyman
    Fighting for Taxpayers for 22 years
    ph: 425-590-9363, cell: 509-991-5295

    Over $43.03 billion in tax savings so far!
    I’m fighting for taxpayers!


    Today (Thurs, Dec 5, 2019), 11:00am, 516 3rd Ave, Seattle (King County Superior Court, 6th floor) — Intervenor Tim Eyman submitting Motion to Name Outside Counsel

    AG Bob Ferguson’s intentional sabotage of I-976 must stop.

    3 strikes, you’re out!!!

    strike 1: AG Bob Ferguson refused to file change of venue* (extensive explanation below *)

    strike 2: AG Bob Ferguson refused to file motion for reconsideration before appealing to the supreme court

    strike 3: it was the AG’s ballot title for I-976 that the judge said was the problem.

    3 strikes you’re out!!!

    Motion to Appoint Outside Counsel is being turned in to the clerk today. It will be heard on Fri, Dec 13th.

    Excerpt from the documents being submitted today to the clerk’s office, 6th floor, King County courthouse:

    When one factors in the role of the AG in drafting the purportedly unconstitutional ballot title for I-976, and a well-documented recent history of animosity between the AG and the sponsor of the ballot initiative, at minimum, it is extremely problematic for the AG to be defending such an initiative. This is of significant concern. Public confidence in the process, the legitimacy of the eventual decision of the courts, and the people’s faith in the system are at stake.

    E. Intervenors Are Asking for Appointment of Outside Counsel, and Doing So Ensures That the Will of the Voters is Protected and Respected

    The following factors make clear that outside counsel should be appointed here:
    1) The AG drafted the ballot title for I-976 that this Court based its granting of Plaintiffs’ Motion for a Preliminary Injunction;
    2) The AG did not move for a change of venue in this matter despite its disparate impact on King County;
    3) The AG failed to raise a number of legal issues brought to its attention including the standing of certain governmental Plaintiffs to challenge I-976 and the need for a bond for a preliminary injunction;
    4) The AG’s failure and refusal to file Motion for Reconsideration of the Court’s granting of Plaintiffs’ Motion for a Preliminary Injunction before filing the appeal;
    5) The AG has an ongoing, contentious, campaign reporting enforcement lawsuit, and claims resulting therefrom, against I-976 sponsor and promoter Tim Eyman; and
    6) Both Attorney General Bob Ferguson as well as Solicitor General Purcell have repeatedly made “on the record” statements indicating bias and/or prejudice towards Eyman’s political activities, and the ballot initiatives that he sponsors and promotes.

    The present legal challenge to I-976 has attracted significant attention. The people, the press, and other elected and unelected officials are watching and evaluating what’s going on. With the AG’s Emergency Motion as well as Pierce County’s announcement they will be involved as an Intervenor in this matter in support of I-976, the importance of this legal challenge to I-976 is only going to grow over time. The nation will soon be watching.

    Accordingly, it is essential that I-976 be defended by legal counsel who does so diligently and zealously so as to engender the people’s trust in democracy and their government. What has transpired thus far in this matter has raised significant concerns and questions about the AG’s ability to meet these criteria in the absence of the appointment of outside counsel. Consequently, the appointment of outside counsel to assist with defending the constitutionality and legality of I-976 is necessary.


    For the foregoing reasons, and under the above-cited authority, Intervenors’ Motion to Appoint Outside Counsel should be granted.

    * (strike 1 was fatal. Bob Ferguson, by allowing a Jay Inslee appointed King County judge – a judge who is employed by and gets paid by the plaintiff (King County) – to decide this case has permanently and irreparably harmed the defense of I-976. And Bob Ferguson knew of this obvious conflict, knew he could file for change of venue, and intentionally did not. Bob Ferguson purposely undermined I-976 by refusing to have this case decided in a non-plaintiff county (there were 37 counties that were not parties in the case – moving the case to any of those non-plaintiff counties would’ve avoided this clear and obvious conflict – AG Bob Ferguson didn’t even try – any real lawyer who actually wanted I-976 to be upheld would’ve done so without hesitation – AG did not because he did not want I-976 to be upheld for the reasons Steve O’Ban highlighted in his Nov 11 letter to Ferguson (see page 2):

    3 strikes, you’re out!! AG Bob Ferguson’s sabotage must end.

    After yesterday’s supreme court ruling (AG was happy with their decision), I sent this out:

    From: Tim Eyman
    Sent: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 6:03 PM
    Subject: Eyman’s statement on Supreme Court rejecting Bob Ferguson

    The AG’s intentional sabotage of I-976 has succeeded. Bob Ferguson robbed voters of their $30 tabs by refusing to do what a real lawyer would have done:

    1) Bob Ferguson refused to file motion to change venue. This was fatal. A King County judge cannot be unbiased when they’re paid by the plaintiff. Bob Ferguson knew that but didn’t even try to move the case to a non-plaintiff county.

    2) Bob Ferguson refused to file motion for reconsideration before appealing to the supreme court. Bob Ferguson’s pathetic defense of I-976 in lower court was just cut-and-pasted and sent to the High Court. Bob Ferguson didn’t try to correct all his errors before appealing because he wanted to lose.

    3) Bob Ferguson refused to file an affidavit of prejudice on a Jay Inslee appointed judge whose Facebook friends with Pete Holmes. A real lawyer would have – Bob Ferguson didn’t.

    4) The judge said Bob Ferguson’s ballot title for I-976 may have created confusion – Bob Ferguson never argued that the voters pamphlet contained the Explanatory Statement, the Fiscal Impact Statement, the Pro-Con Statements, and the text of the initiative were there for any voter.

    The 500,000 taxpayers in taxpayers who are forced to pay over $30 for tabs can blame Bob Ferguson for that. Same goes for the 500K in January, the 500K in February etc. Bob Ferguson cemented his skullduggery by ignoring 400 citizens who demanded he file a motion for reconsideration (

    Bob Ferguson has permanently and irreparably harmed I-976. It if further proof that Bob Ferguson has been purposely and intentionally sabotaging I-976 from within while trying to look like the great Savior — voters now know it was all an act.

    Sent to Bob Ferguson and his team on Thanksgiving Day:
    Link to Exhibits 1 – 13:
    Link to Exhibits 14 – 25:

    I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

    I love you all.


    The “Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State” political action committee paperwork has been filed (so you can mail checks to: Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State, PO Box 2107, Olympia, WA, 98507 – make sure to write your occupation & employer on the memo line – if retired, write “retired”).
    Donate online by credit card here:
    Facebook: Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State — #AllInOnTim
    We need volunteers!!! To help, go here:

    Plz forward this email, share this update, and get others to forward/share it too.

    Paid for by Permanent Offense – $30 Tabs Initiative – Term Limits – Give Them Nothing
    PO Box 6151, Olympia, WA 98507
    Top 5 Contributors: Suzanne Burke, Puget Sound Chapter NECA PAC, Andrew Skotdal, Tim Eyman, Thomas O’Brien

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