200 Million of the Most United Group of Americans in the United States – Wrongful Foreclosure American Homeowners

By Sydney Sullivan

Judicial ActivismFor all the talk about a divided America (mostly political that we shy away from on the DC blog), there is a HUGE group of people that can collectively agree we were screwed, smeared, and denied due process in courts that failed to follow the Rule of Law. This is the massive population of American Homeowners.

The majority of over 84 MILLION families were unwittingly lured into a corrupt Wall Street securities scheme that cost them their clear title properties and in some cases their lives or the lives of their loved ones. American Homeowners can easily collaborate and identify with each other because the same crimes were committed over and over on each of them. Talk about a united, cohesive bunch of people – we are the American Homeowners!

The voting block is enormous. However, it takes an astute political force to reach them. Silence about wrongful foreclosure fraud is deafening. No longer can a politician make promises every 2 years and do nothing for a decade while their constituents lose their homes to crooks. Those days are over.

Hardly an American Homeowner who faced or is facing foreclosure hasn’t prayed to God for an honest Rule of Law judge. It’s usually the first lesson they learn when they when they walk into court with enough bank-forged paperwork to put an average felon away for several years – and the judge on the bench rules in favor of the criminals and their lying attorneys.

Justice only for the rich? The Illegitimate nature of the cuts to legal aid. – PoliticalSiftThe 2% of homeowners that can afford foreclosure defense attorneys initially watch their attorneys go down in flames as well. Really good attorneys that understand the securitization scheme get called out to the bar association by bank attorneys – trying to get them disbarred.

The fact is that the banks forged the documents – a fact well exposed on national television and in numerous case law, runs secondary to the judge asking, “did you pay?” Neither the American Homeowner, nor their attorney has a chance to tell the judge that the bank wouldn’t let the homeowner pay, or that HAMP was a scam. The gavel goes down – and all is surreal. We were judged guilty without the opportunity to prove our innocence. We know exactly how that feels.

“I can read,” said one American Homeowner, “it’s like the judge skipped over the process laid out in UCC Article 3. We have clear evidence of forgery, the bank presented no evidence of physical delivery, lied in their affidavit, can’t show the original documents – yet the judge ignored the law.”

It’s always a push to appeal – even when the appellate courts make a positive homeowner ruling, the lower courts appear loathed to follow it – or look for some other excuse. It’s expensive for American Homeowners to appeal their cases and the banks count on that. The Wall Street scheme is built on pure numbers – some will fall, some will fail, some will walk away – and a few they’ll settle with. Even if you can afford to appeal and win, the title is as clouded as the process to regain ownership.

There are American Homeowners that just can’t believe this heinous process could happen in America. They stay in their homes until one morning before dawn an army of off-duty police and collection thugs surround their homes at gunpoint and force the family out into the street. Homeowners’ belongings are trashed or pilfered.

American Homeowners contact their state & Congressional representatives, who have their aides listen to the stories (which they’ve heard thousands of times) – and do absolutely nothing to correct the mess. When is the last time you heard anyone mention or seriously discuss reinstating Glass Steagall? Yeah. We know.

You see before 1992 Glass-Steagall prevented this kind of mortgage fraud from occurring. But in the late 1990’s Glass-Steagall was repealed. It had worked well for 70 years prior. You can Wikipedia who was in office and which President at the time signed the bill to repeal Glass-Steagall. Why would our government want to remove the very laws that protected homeowners? And at the same time push the American Dream of homeownership?

Until 2008, hardly any American Homeowner understood or even knew about Glass-Steagall – but you know what? We all do now.

American Homeowners are their own support group. No one funded “crying rooms” for American Homeowners and their families. Nothing much has been made available to help desperate people living in tents or in their cars face this chaos in their lives, or the PTSD from before dawn evictions at gunpoint, nor help with the anger they feel. The main street media stopped reporting on foreclosures over 6 years ago. Before that, reporters just used undocumented percentages because real numbers were too hard to digest.

The majority of folks were responsible American Homeowners who merely followed government driven TV commercials to ask for a modification – this was the HAMP program – a total scam – just ask any American Homeowner. Homeowners were told by their bank servicers to miss 3-4 payments to be eligible. Then the banks determined them to be delinquent and foreclosed on their properties.

The banks had trashed the homeowners before the 2008 crash – this is called the SMEAR. “Homeowners bought homes that were more than they could afford.” “Deadbeat homeowners.” It deflected the corruption from the banks and placed the blame on homeowners – and it was well wrapped. Ah, needless to say, we can collectively agree that we don’t want banks bailed out again before American Homeowners.

This post is about UNITY. We could have a convention but there is no venue big enough to hold all of us.

The stories we share would make an average person think we were talking about a 3rd world country. Our government wouldn’t stand up for us. Our court systems were plagued with either idiots or corruption. Our Congressional members had family members working for the banks. And local legislators were getting their homes paid off and refinance deals when average American Homeowners were sitting in a foreclosure court.

We were literally raped by the banks – no problem with collaboration here (and we can remember the names & dates). They scammed us, used our properties and our credit in a securities/rehypothecation scheme – with zero disclosure to any of us. The banks inflated our appraisals and sold us on transactions that weren’t worth what they said they were. The banks conspired with government actors to relax the underwriting guidelines and told us not to bother about paperwork – just state an income  And if that wasn’t enough, they massaged their own numbers to get an approval. The banks sold securities transactions with a time bomb that they knew they couldn’t cover – they sold more “loans” than they could legally hold – pledged them off their books in another scheme to defraud We The People.

We see the corruption – in fact, we probably see it clearer and know it better than any protest group on the planet. God help a screaming protester that encounters a pissed off American Homeowner – remember we haven’t had any coddling for our traumas over the last decade and it makes us pretty tough – not to mention somewhat intolerant of those that haven’t felt the losses, fear, and anxiety we’ve had to endure.

You certainly don’t want to tell an American Homeowner that he’s guilty until he can prove his innocence, or that the Rule of Law and Constitution don’t matter. He’ll probably tell you to go buy a one-way ticket to Venezuela. He’s certainly not going to vote for any politician that pre-judges him and assumes he’s a deadbeat homeowner with no defense.

You may not like our United States President for some brainwashed reason, but at least he’s heading us back to a Rule of Law – and for that American Homeowners are grateful. Since POTUS has been in office, more courts are making Rule of Law decisions. It’s the first light in the tunnel we’ve seen in that last 20+ years. We still need a Congress that will legislate protective measures for American Homeowners – without that it will be just more of the same – a bought and paid for bunch of politicians in office for too long with no real life experience. Another good reason for Term Limits.

Collectively, there are about 200 million of us counting our families. Some haven’t faced full foreclosure yet, but know they are about one to two paychecks away and they’ve heard the horror stories. Some are the homeless people that around election time politicians spout some campaign rhetoric about helping. If we look back a few years ago, it was the Occupy Wall Street movement protesting the banks and foreclosures in nearly every city and town in America. That was us – the American Homeowners.

We’ve been fighting the Foreclosure War for over a decade – with very little help. But we are UNITED and determined to support a system that follows the Rule of Law and the  US Constitution – and we will VOTE. We will help our fellow victims of wrongful foreclosure and continue to fight corruption. It’s no longer just a cause – it’s now our mission.

Where we go one, we go all.

23 thoughts on “200 Million of the Most United Group of Americans in the United States – Wrongful Foreclosure American Homeowners

  1. Once again Virginia has spoke the truth and posted a direct right on point truth of what has happened to millions upon millions of Americans. Don’t give up join together to stop this crime. George Soros’s funds the left agenda to destroy American. The organized left funded by him is exposed. Gary Dubin has started an organization to help organize American Homeowners. NEVER GIVE UP. Thankyou Virginia for this wonderful but painful article exposing this horrendous crime against millions of families being tossed in to the streets like dirt by our own police and alleged protectors our government and by Freddie and Fannie owned by our government. The wizzard behind the curtain.

  2. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Modern slavery style country I am elderly & work night shift caregiver he’s cancer survivor & all my hard labor wearing uniform $ gone a waste for cunning &WellsFargi bank dumped us on st due to their Fake home 🏠 Modification. Remember when u were kid & told if someone offer u candy or $ just run away cz it’s all set up those set up are @WellsFargo & 🏠 Modification is their Fake candy

  3. And… Exactly how has Trump helped? Hawaii courts have been the first real glimmer of hope, at least for the next generation of home owners. Help for Me? Only if the act of fraud has no time limits. (Which it should not) A crime is still a crime no matter how long ago it took place. … Yes, and I also lost my home of 32 years to the fraudsters.

  4. Absolutely spot on article! A MUST read for everyone. Thank you so much for sharing your wise insight! This truly covers it all. If any of these politicians were smart they would use this as their ad campaign!

    • Me too…. You mean his law…The fraudster in action, can cast no stones. Has he paid back all of those he ripped off yet? People like you and I, that actually work for a living. Start off by reading WHAT he has done to or for people….Tell me what side of that equation has the most entries….. He is on no one’s side, but his own. Remember…. Mexico will pay for a wall, now fence… He will open coal, bring back manufacturing, (with tariffs?) which are regressive….Remember…. All mexicans are rapists, drug runners, murderers…. Regardless of the facts. Having a fraudster looking out for U.S. interests is a joke. Let U.S. focus on the real problems. Our courts, congress bought and paid for by Wall street, big pharma, our judiciary, big Agri, insurance companies, and other special interests. .. ..Politicians take an oath to serve U.S., not corporations… Just add your favorites to this list of special interests and see the results of money ruling politics.
      There…. A rant of sorts. I just want the interests of U.S. represented instead of the 1%…. By the way… What are you going to do with your tax reduction? I am not sure with mine. A new pair of shoes, or treat myself to a meal out. Sure is great that it helped all of those poor corporations. I see they have jumped on the trickle down again. I can smell the urine.
      Rule of law helping U.S.? Not now….unless you are a corporation, and write the rules.

  5. Making this partisan and ignoring Trump making the swamp worse w foreclosure king Mnuchin hurts our efforts and undermines the important information and facts provided.

    • Two wings on the sane bird. Left and right. Same body. Feeding from the same trough. One side just appears to be kinder. Both guilty of maintaining the swamp, except a handful. Research legislation proposed by corporate interests and how much passes. Then look at an example of what the vast majority (most everyone) of U.S. wanted. (Like GMO labeling) See what passed…
      Do the research. Expose the graft. (Who’s interests do they vote for?) Facts are facts. There are no alternate facts, Just blurred vision….And a closed mind. Opinions are not facts….. Just saying. NO OPINIONS here.

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  8. Excellent article! I represent a group of disenfranchised homeowners and could use your assistance. Please contact me.


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