Fake Evidence and False Representations

“Here is the truth: no lawyer at any foreclosure mill ever gets a call or even an email from the named foreclosing party nor anyone else. Instead it is all automated in the loose meaning of that word.” USPTO patented automation.

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Foreclosure defense litigants usually find themselves in a fog of questions they can’t answer. That is because the banks are using a tactic that I have called “step-over.” If they can’t prove an essential element of a case they step over it and pretend it was already established before.


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I provide advice and consultation to many people and lawyers so they can spot the key required elements of a scam — in and out of court. If you have a deal you want skimmed for red flags order the Consult and fill out the REGISTRATION FORM. A few hundred dollars well spent is worth a lifetime of financial ruin.


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1 thought on “Fake Evidence and False Representations

  1. I found out @WellFargo bank when it comes to Client benefits (home modification) WFB play 3rd world country the red tape paper work never get completed, but when it comes for bank benefit deposit $$ it’s no brainer done in no time

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