“Jacobs said he was stunned to learn through discovery in another case more than a year later that Bank of America had ordered SourceCorp to purge its records.

“And what I found out later is that as I’m going though that whole process, Bank of America has ordered SourceCorp to do a military-grade purge of all of their records, everything: 1.88 billion objects of data, metadata, encryption keys,” he said.”

Well, guess if destroying evidence works for Hillary Clinton, why not BofA? Jacobs ought to ask NSA for help. The way things are going these days, NSA, China and/or Russia probably have all the original BofA meta data, emails, texts messages and inter-office memos in their systems. Wouldn’t that be a kick?!


  1. Jacobs claimed “Bank of America deliberately acted improperly.” Well yeah we all know that but as all of us who have been put through the wringer by the foreclosure tsunami – we had to give up. We simply ran out of money and drained our 401k all the while BoA, BONY, et al have reported record profits. Anyone reading here knows that all BoA, BONY and others similarly situated need only say allegations are simply not true while adding tones of indignation. They have done that for 10 years. It’s not about to change. What I find particularly astonishing is that Jacobs actually got in front of a judge – especially in Florida. Obviously he is not a member of The Chicken Shit Club. Nearly all attorneys are scared to death to go up against bottom feeding foreclosure mill attorneys. It has been my experience that foreclosure mill attorneys are not only unethical they are not very good attorneys – which is why they are in the mill business to begin with. They have been allowed to file false and fabricated ‘foreclosure’ documents in 49 states thus they have no fear. Judges here in Baltimore Maryland had no idea about the ‘unclean’ hands rules. In my 5 year ordeal of fighting an unfair foreclosure it became increasingly clear why banks refused to do modification is because that would have exposed their fraud. Can’t modify what you don’t own. It’s easier to dispose of documents and publicly denigrate foreclosure defense attorneys.

    • “The Chicken Shit Club” – love it! But I think it goes beyond that. HO attorneys aren’t in any ‘club’ that I know of or even necessarily routinely put their head together. Banksters have endless pockets and their network / mill attornyes are organized. Additionally, network / mill attorneys receive specific training and white- papers up the wazoo. And good luck, Bruce!

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