Every State Should – AUDIT LAND RECORDS

By Sydney Sullivan

“[L]and records across the country have been polluted, diluted, laundered and rendered useless by MERS (the Mortgage Electronic Registration System), and Landtegrity.com has posted a petition demanding answers from the White House,” wrote in the Huffington Post April 2103.

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Buy Now Button with Credit CardsNo answers have been received. Now is time to prepare for the 2014 elections and get the point across. We need to unite and visibly display our discontent for the damage done to our property records. Let’s put a bumper sticker on every car!  
Order your bumper sticker now so that every politician can clearly see the #1 agenda on the minds of every homeowner in America is to clean up the land records.

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Mr. Zombeck’s petition site is here and the petition can be found here. While signing the petition is an excellent proactive idea, we need to be visible and during the election season where every politician looks to see if his or her bumper sticker is on your car. We want politicians to see the importance of protecting our property rights and cleaning up the damage that has been done by the MERS Blur and the TBTF to every nearly everyone’s home and property value.

3ghostsWhile the Zombeck’s article concentrates on “MERS” – as we now know, “MERS” has been more than just fraud in our land recordations. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. in the mortgages is not the MERS® service mark and eRegistry system. The eRegistry is owned and operated by MERSCORP Holdings, Inc., a separate and distinct corporation that was never disclosed to the homeowners. See details HERE.

Not only did our land recording offices lose a lot of money, they also lost track of our land. Even if you are not in foreclosure, if you took out a mortgage between 2003-2008, it is likely that your title is clouded. Yes, even folks who think they’ve just lost some equity in their property may never have clear title unless the states and counties AUDIT LAND RECORDS in order to expose the fraud. Only a full audit exposing the fraud and document fabrication will clean up land records and prove to the courts the depth of the damage that has been created by this land scam.

As Dave Krieger, consultant and author of Clouded Titles, tells us:

“There are more than 3,000 counties in the United States that rely on a recordation system that began in the 1600s. It’s probably the only virtuous system worldwide that allows a property owner and the general public access to determine who owns a given parcel of land at any given point in the history of that particular parcel. The order in which these documents are recorded make up the logical chain of title, starting with the deed or proof of ownership. There have been instances where MERSCORP members, through mistakes made by the title companies, have recorded the originating mortgage before the warranty deed, which would indicate that the borrower did NOT own the property at the time he entered into a mortgage loan; thus, a suspect cloud on title. A homeowner with a cloud on his title cannot easily sell his property because the chain of title contains a defect which cannot be insured.”

Mortgage_fraud_hdIt’s not just MERS that clouded the titles – many mortgage-looking documents that did not mention Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. also are compromised. The TBTF created many of their own loans outside of the MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. eRegistry system and they too have made fabricated assignments to trusts well after the trusts had closed. If you haven’t defaulted on your loan it is likely that your assignment hasn’t even been fabricated yet. That means your loan and paperwork may be sitting someplace (or in several places) unknown or undisclosed at this very moment. Who are you making your payments to? “I dunno.”

“My office is a crime scene,” says John O’Brien, the registrar of deeds in Essex County, which is north of Boston and includes the city of Salem. Over 26,000 fraudulent documents.  In Essex County, Mass., O’Brien’s audit in 2011 found among other issues that the office that handles property deeds has received almost 1,300 documents since October with the signature of “Linda Green,” but in 22 different handwriting styles and with many different titles.

We must all understand this land record damage is all across the United States. The time is now and we must demand that any person elected to public office support and pledge to its constituency that he or she will support a bill to AUDIT LAND RECORDS.

This is a terrific gift idea this holiday season for each of your neighbors. A land record audit could save homeowners thousands of $$$ and help stop declining property values.

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Bumper Sticker designed by The Walt Dorrison Company, copyright 2013.

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