Rolling Rebellion, Lawyers and Citizens Protest Seattle Bankster UCC Uniform Law Conference

Coming up on July 11th is the national Uniform Law Committee conference in Seattle at the Westin Hotel.

Whether or not you are in foreclosure, if you own a home and have a mortgage or intend some day to own a home, this national ULC conference affects you. For hundreds of years states have owned and recorded their own lands – and now it appears the United States federal government would like that to change. Continue reading

ShellGame-MERS: Contrived Confusion – A MUST READ!

SHELLEGAME-MERS bk coverlgYesterday was spent reading a brilliant new ebook ShellGame-MERS: Contrived Confusion by retired attorney/CPA Robert Janes. Not enough can be said about this powerful paper that accurately outlines the errors of the foreclosure machine. IT IS A “MUST READ”!

Robert Janes has previously written a  book called “Fighting The Foreclosure Machine” and has a website with the same name, with great newsletters contained therein.  It is all about the UCC and the material is in regard to making the banks prove who can enforce the Note.

This is fabulous information and used in a lot of Quiet Title actions and Oppositions to Motions for Summary Judgments.  Judges are starting to listen to these arguments which is to put a stop to the fabrication of documents and fraud stemming from the “foreclosure machine.” Continue reading

Editorial: Obama Believes “Wall Street is our Main Street”

Editorial Comment
Posted By Dale Parsons
August 26, 2011

yes we canRemember Barack Obama’s “Yes we can” victory speech from Chicago’s Grant Park on Election Night 2008?  Nearly three years later, what’s happened to the hope and promise of that November evening?  For millions of American families struggling with foreclosure, it’s become nothing more than empty words and disappointment from an Administration that believes “Wall Street is our Main Street” and “foreclosures are good for the economy.”  Their half-assed attempt to alleviate the foreclosure crisis, HAMP, has proved to be nothing more than a cruel

Continue reading