Banksters Attempt to Derail Controlling Washington Case Law

Posted by Karen Pooley, HomeownersSuperPAC, WA Director


manipulationThis is the Washington Homeowners’ alert to the Washington Bankers Association’s attempt to overturn two Washington Supreme Court decisions:  Lyons v. U.S. Bank (2014) and Bain v. Metropolitan Mortgage (2012) with the introduction of Senate Bill 5968, a Pro-Banker Bill. 

Both of these Washington Supreme Court cases held that the foreclosing entity must be the owner of the obligation evidencing the debt (or the promissory note) yet the Pro-Banker Bill, Senate Bill 5968, would allow lenders to foreclose on property in the state of Washington without clear ownership of the underlying debt! Continue reading

Rolling Rebellion, Lawyers and Citizens Protest Seattle Bankster UCC Uniform Law Conference

Coming up on July 11th is the national Uniform Law Committee conference in Seattle at the Westin Hotel.

Whether or not you are in foreclosure, if you own a home and have a mortgage or intend some day to own a home, this national ULC conference affects you. For hundreds of years states have owned and recorded their own lands – and now it appears the United States federal government would like that to change. Continue reading