Banksters Attempt to Derail Controlling Washington Case Law

Posted by Karen Pooley, HomeownersSuperPAC, WA Director


manipulationThis is the Washington Homeowners’ alert to the Washington Bankers Association’s attempt to overturn two Washington Supreme Court decisions:  Lyons v. U.S. Bank (2014) and Bain v. Metropolitan Mortgage (2012) with the introduction of Senate Bill 5968, a Pro-Banker Bill. 

Both of these Washington Supreme Court cases held that the foreclosing entity must be the owner of the obligation evidencing the debt (or the promissory note) yet the Pro-Banker Bill, Senate Bill 5968, would allow lenders to foreclose on property in the state of Washington without clear ownership of the underlying debt! Continue reading

JPMorgan Chase Beaten by Beaton, Pro Se! Hallelujah!

beaten by a girlPro Se Plaintiff Deborah Beaton filed a Complaint against JPMorgan Chase wherein Defendant Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. (“NWTS”) joined in a Motion to Dismiss with Chase. In her Second Amended Complaint (SAC), Beaton alleges three causes of action:

  • (1) Violation of the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) against NWTS,
  • (2) Incomplete Indorsement/Chain of Title, and
  • (3) violations of the Washington Deed of Trust Act (“DTA”).

USDC Honorable Richard A. Jones gave Beaton her causes of action (1) and (2) against the defendants’ Motion to Dismiss… and the beat goes on! Continue reading

“MERS is not a “holder” under the plain language of the statute,” says the Supreme Court of the State of Washington

Finally, the Rule of Law is followed by the brilliant masters of the Washington state Supreme Court system. Yea! This ruling affects over 67 million MERS mortgages – whether in foreclosure or not.  As good as it is – there are still more facts that need to be adequately plead and addressed by the Court(s).

The Washington Supreme Court ruled unanimously today in Bain (Kristin), et al. v. Mortg. Elec. Registration Sys., et al., No. 86206-1 defining the statutes to determine that MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. – the mortgage industry’s controversial document-recording system) was not entitled to be a beneficiary in Deed of Trusts and Continue reading