Bank clears out home mistaken for a foreclosure

This is not uncommon. Hawaii has had its share of the same intrusion. People are becoming housebound – afraid to leave for fear their home will disappear while they are gone to the grocery. Invest in large attack dogs, a video survellience system, a police and neighborhood patrol alarm system and if you have to – maybe booby trap the doors and windows. It’s better than keeping your money in the bank… Because YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN FORECLOSURE to get raided. And how do you compensate a family for the loss of their family treasures? Maybe when the police realize that their pension funds have been lost because these banks pulled a Ponzi scheme and their fund managers gambled away their retirement… Maybe then America will get the protection it needs. This was the bank’s fault – not the people across the street! The bank probably doesn’t even own the house across the street.

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Bank clears out home mistaken for a foreclosure

What happens when a bank cleans out the wrong property, mistaking a person’s home for a new foreclosure?

This is the scenario that a woman in McArthur, Ohio, found herself in when First National Bank in Wellston mistook her property for a foreclosure across the street, ABC reports.

The bank cleared out her belongings and then asked for receipts, so the bank could reimburse the homeowner.

ABC News has more on the story:  

Katie Barnett, 36, a nurse, said her family had left for about two weeks last month and returned to find the locks on their home had changed and many of their belongings had been taken.

“We called the cops and they said they thought it was a squatter,” she said.

Two dressers and clothing for her five children were taken, as well as items from outside their home…

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