Will you support the regulation of derivatives?

There is only one question to ask any politician starting this year:

Will you support the regulation of derivatives?

That’s it.  Everything else is ancillary and fades into the background.  


There is only one right answer.  If the politician thinks the economy is just fine or doesn’t know what derivatives are – then he/she has no business in a state or federal government making law, selecting or voting on agency appointments and judges or setting forth other crucial policies.

This is the one and only question you must obtain an answer to before you vote for anyone in 2012. From President to local council members. On a destructive national level Wall Street has been allowed to run amok since President Clinton and US Senator Gramm (TX) in 1999 repealed the Glass–Steagall Act of 1932.

In less than 10 years, Wall Street took our country down – collapsed our economy, stole the pension and retirement funds of government workers, unions, corporate retirement beneficiaries; caused the foreclosures and lost jobs and wages of conservatively over 80 million American families. Pensions, equity, homes, savings, investments, college educations have been destroyed in the wake of the Wall Street tsunami that drove America to the brink of disaster to which it is still sliding today – and the cause of it all (coupled with fraud) – derivatives… have not been regulated.

It does not matter if you are Republican or Democrat. You have a duty to yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors – stand up or write a letter and ask the question to your politicians, ALL OF THEM, and demand an answer before you promise your vote:

Will you support the regulation of derivatives?  Yes or No?

Nothing else really matters if we can’t get stop the bleeding. We’re pau.

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