Is it Legal to Record the Bank’s Phone Call or Conversation?

Lender and servicer modification abuse, dual tracking and deceptive business practices have caused undue emotional stress on homeowners. The Courts usually demand a precise record in order to establish a claim against the banks and their pals. Foreclosure is a dirty business and you need to have the right tools and knowledge to make your points.

RECORD A CALLYou’ll notice that the banks and servicers normally will not correspond to homeowners using email. The banks prefer homeowners fax their information and the banks use the telephone letting you know they are recording their calls.

It’s time to turn the tables. Take good notes and keep a complete file of all your conversations and correspondence with the banks and servicers – but you may also want and need to record the telephone conversations you have with the banks. Here are some tips from a private investigator on the legality of recording telephone conversations. Click here for the latest telephone recording devices.  Continue reading

Wall Street reform also must address the powerful and secretive Federal Reserve

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), 03/28/11. (photo:  Getty Images)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), 03/28/11. (photo: Getty Images)

Wall Street Protests: A Good Place to Start
By Sen. Bernie Sanders, The Boston Globe
07 October 11

he protest movement called Occupy Wall Street has struck a nerve. The demonstrators’ goals may be vague, but their grievances are very real. If our country is to break out of this horrendous recession and create the millions of jobs we desperately need, if we are going to create a financially-stable future, we must take a hard look at Wall Street and demand fundamental reforms. I hope the protesters provide the spark that ignites that process.

The truth is that millions of Americans Continue reading

Get Your Free Attorney General Phone Number Here!

Most homeowners have flawed, robo-signed and outright fraudulent assignment of mortgage documents.  It’s time to take copies to the state AG, file a complaint and show them just how prolific the fraud is.  You may not be able to go to hop a plane to help OccupyWallStreet – but you can show solidarity by contacting your Attorney General.

Do it now – call the AG, show them your assignment of mortgage documents and file a complaint. Click on your state below.

Do it today before the statute of limitations runs out.  Continue reading