Foreclosure Woes Of The Rich And Famous

The depression of losing your home and the disruption to the family as a unit leaves a scar of shame thinking how could we have not seen the scheme? Maybe the thought that famous celebrities, who have “handlers”, agents, lawyers, accountants, and money managers also got run over by the foreclosure fraud bus driven by Wall Street banksters with a giant securitization Ponzi scheme will help to ease some of the pain. The fact of the matter is – we’re not alone. There are over 84 million American homeowners Continue reading

The Sucker Punch – The Elite’s Attack on Pension and Retirement Funds


PF-retirement_1666571aBehind the collapse of the economy in the U.S. and around the world is the massive loss of pension and retirement funds belonging to government employees, union workers and corporate 401k beneficiaries – these were the “investors” in the securitization fraud stemming from the unregulated derivatives.  Hordes of lawsuits have been filed by investors against Wall Street banks, but it’s pretty obvious the money is gone. Continue reading