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110714obamabanksters“Sneaky” comes to mind to describe the government and the banksters regarding two settlements between US banks and government regulators who alleged that the banks were guilty of widespread abuse of the foreclosure system that allowed banks to seize homes from defaulting borrowers. The banksters agreed to pay out more than $20 billion on Monday to resolve claims arising from the mortgage crisis. Continue reading

New Hampshire Sheriff Launches Mortgage Bank Fraud Investigation. “We need to shine the light on everything.”

“People have an absolute right to be protected in their homes and their homes to be protected,” said Christopher Conley, High Sheriff of Carroll County NH, who held a press conference announcing that he is forming a task force to investigate mortgage fraud.

Mortgage Movies, 4closureFraud, and zerohedge posted Sheriff Christopher Conley’s press conference announcing his new task force and proudly stating, I am announcing the formation of a task force to investigate mortgage fraud throughout Carroll County – criminal fraud.”

Every city and town in every state across America should be doing the same thing. The Sheriff states, “There are thousands of property owners throughout the county that may be affected…

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