MERS 3-STOOGESA landmark decision was made this week in Culhane v. Aurora in the United States Court of Appeals For the First Circuit without a complete set of facts set out before what  appears to be its clueless judges.

The case decision, an APPEAL FROM THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS was to some degree based on the merits of standing answering the question: “Whether a mortgagor has standing to challenge the assignment of her mortgage — an assignment to which she is not a party and of which she is not a third-party beneficiary — is a matter of first impression for this court.” Continue reading


HAWAII – In today’s episode following Look Out Lenders – MERS is About to Take You Down!” the Hawaii bankruptcy court ruled that the Trustee’s hypothetical lien theory held enough water to maintain life in the Motion to Compel the Trustee to Abandon the property.  The lender, American Savings Bank FSB, (ASB) and the Trustee have been in settlement discussions. Either way – the MERS demise is set into motion. The judge denied the motion WITHOUT prejudice in order that it could be brought back at some future date, if necessary. Continue reading

Look Out Lenders – MERS is About to Take You Down!

HAWAII – In a precedent setting move today, a bankruptcy Chapter 7 Trustee filed a Supplemental Objection under a hypothetical lien theory to the Debtor’s Motion to Compel the Trustee to Abandon the underwater property – the day before the hearing.

The Trustee’s pleading states that the lender, American Savings Bank FSB in Hawaii, had not properly perfected the mortgage at the time of the Debtor filing a petition for bankruptcy, the “Mortgage was in fact in favor of MERS as nominee for ASB at the time of the filing of the petition.”  This move essentially strangles the lender. Continue reading