Hawaii Legislature and Consumer Protection Dept. Recognize Mortgage Fraud – But Defer Action This Year

By Sydney Sullivan

Homeowners in Hawaii are still victims of the mortgage fraud that originated at the turn of the century. Hawaii led the CHARGE changing some of the foreclosure statutes that were relatively unjust toward homeowners and in conflict with due process issues.

Even with those changes the foreclosure process, fraud on the courts, fraudulently concealed parties, forged documents, and troubling securitization/rehypothecation process still plague state records and the courts. Hawaii State Senator Mike Gabbard championed a Resolution “Requesting the Director of Commerce and Consumer Affairs to convene a MORTGAGE foreclosure fraud task force to develop recommendations to improve mortgage fraud protections for consumers.” Interest by many gave an opportunity for testimony and gained a hearing last Monday. SRC 181. Continue reading

Nye Lavelle’s “After The Storm” – Mortgage Fraud Report

Attorney Matt Weidner shared an excellent post on Nye Lavelle’s “After The Storm” – Mortgage Fraud Report that is well worth reading from cover to cover.  In fact – it is a MUST read.

After The Storm – Mortgage Fraud Report–In The Eye Of The Storm
August 19th, 2011 | Author:

Put down Reckle$$ Endangerment, or Exiles in Eden or whatever novel you’re currently reading about the financial armageddon we’re in and click on Nye Lavalle’s After The Storm Report….it’s a gripping encyclopedia with names, dates and serial numbers that document the collapse we’re all still right in the middle of.  The only problem is the title…the storm at nearly over.  If it seems a little more quiet, that’s just because we’re in the eye of the hurricane. Continue reading