Holding a corner office for Eric Holder could violate the US criminal code?

Justice League

When C&B kept Holder’s office open while AG, did this violate 18 USC 208, an “arrangement concerning prospective employment”? @ddayen

— Bartlett Naylor (@BartNaylor) July 7, 2015


And interesting tweets:

2008 Presidential candidate McCain introduces Glass-Steagall reform, also supported by D candidates Sanders, O’Malley http://t.co/Y7VI3McOW8

— Bartlett Naylor (@BartNaylor) July 7, 2015  

Bartlett Naylor


Financial policy advocate, Public Citizen, Opinions expressed are not necessarily official. Formerly chief of investigations, U.S. Senate Banking Committee.

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1 thought on “Holding a corner office for Eric Holder could violate the US criminal code?

    LAWYERS ARE MEMBERS OF THE B.A.R. = British Arbitration Registrant, which means
    one who argues on behalf of Britain or the Crown or the Rothchild bank which uses lawyers to impose the british debt slavery system we have and managed by the Jews in the US Treasury.
    So on July 28,2011 3 Jews, Tim Geithner, Douglas Shulman [IRS] and Ben Bernanke took
    $14.3 Trillion from 300 million American citizens [from the equity in your Birth Certificate] and
    paid all the banks for their Fraudulent Derivatives on Wall Street. Derivative means derived from your equity, your down payment and your mortgage payments. So funk Eric Holder who did not prosecute any banks, because he was busy getting funked in the azz by the CEO’s.

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