Occupy Wall Street – Focus on Our One Demand

The poster of this news clip is correct – this is what we should be focusing on. “Dylan Ratigan knows what he’s talking about and the way he says it is too epic. So spread this video and let the people know this should be what OWS should be focusing on. That this has to be our one demand.”  Thank you Dylan, for your passionate message.

Dylan Ratigan is clear about what is happening to our country – listen up citizens. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat of Republican – if you aren’t a billionaire you are a victim and you are the 99% being, robbed, used and abused.  You’ve lost your homes, your equity, your pensions and retirements, your college education and savings. There is a massive depression that is not only financial but also physical affecting nearly every one of us including our children.

Securitization was a planned “experiment” to rob this country and it succeeded.  The abuse MUST be stopped. Wall Street’s ability to operate without intervention has ceased to exist.

The 2012 election is coming up – and (hopefully) the American people can unite to actually make a change – if we can find one. Look closely at who you are supporting and voting.  Where did their campaign donation money come from?  If you see one penny from a Wall Street bank or insurance interest – Please, for America – DO NOT GIVE THAT POLITICIAN YOUR VOTE.  Check on Open Secrets.org for campaign donation investigation.

Wall Street derivatives must be regulated and if we can’t find Congressional representatives already in office willing to do what’s right – we need to find new ones.

We need a President and Congress strong enough to stand up to Wall Street and abolish the Federal Reserve (as it has no reserves) or strongly regulate it and eliminate its abilities to secretly print money without Congressional oversight and authority.  This isn’t America printing this money – this is the Federal Reserve – which is not an American government entity – its a private concern beholden to the IMF and one world banking system.

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