Mobs vs. Mobsters – Whose side are you on?

Occupy Wall Street: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor blames Obama administration for protests
Friday, October 7, 2011

The No. 2 Republican in the House swiped at political rivals Friday for encouraging the “growing mobs” of Occupy Wall Street protestors.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, during a speech at Values Voter Summit in Washington, blamed the Obama administration for “an assault on many of our nation’s bedrock principles.”

“I, for one, am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country,” Cantor said. [continue reading on Daily News][Ed. note – Take the opportunity to “Vote” on the Daily News poll if you support the protesters]

There’s a good reason why Eric Cantor is way out in right field fetching foul balls and making idiotic statements like calling the Wall Street protesters “mobs”.  Take a look at Cantor’s campaign donations – and where the majority of his funds are generated. Mrs. Cantor is a Managing Director in a division of Emigrant Bank, a subsidiary of New York Private Bank & Trust Corp. (Strike two…)
Rep. Eric Cantor’s (R – Virginia) campaign donations – Top 20 for 2011-2012:

Cantor’s detailed donations are even more telling – there is no way Cantor could be effective in Wall Street reform:

Why is this information important to you even if you don’t live in Virginia?  Because it takes the majority of the House of Representatives to pass decent legislation and when special interests are buying any legislator’s vote – they cannot govern effectively. There are 435 seats up for election next fall. We, as Americans, cannot afford any “suppression” candidates that don’t support free speech and the will of the people to be heard.

Calling Wall Street protesters “mobs”, when they are the Americans who realize the TRILLION$ of dollars of debt we are saddled with due to Wall Street fraud and other mobster-like criminal activities is not only reprehensible – but outright un-American.

Yeah, Mr. Cantor – you should be concerned, because with any luck you and your
un-American censorship views and mobster campaign donations won’t be re-elected.

There are alternatives – here is an example:  E. Wayne Powell:

2 thoughts on “Mobs vs. Mobsters – Whose side are you on?

  1. I’d like to share E. Wayne Powell’s response:


    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading your message/article and the content which is so crucial to obtain justice for those who were robbed by the criminal elements on wall street who have not been investigated or prosecuted as they should have been. That will be my top priority when I’m in Congress. Much too little has been done to bring the people who perpetrated these crimes to justice. The research and facts regarding contributions to Cantor’s campaign was excellent. If you’d like me to write in support of your efforts, let me know.

    I am totally in favor of the OWS as you can read on my Daiy Kos Diary of last Thursday. Although I am still a busy lawyer,I’m planning to go full time for the campaign early next year. We’re organizing the campaign staff and volunteers for the remainder of the year.

    I try to keep up with whatever the disgrace of the 7th (Eric Cantor) is doing, but information like yours is very valuable to me and the campaign! Obviously money is a nagging issue, with the opposition with unlimited funds, so my visibility in blogs such as yours is very helpful. Hopefully with exposure like yours will help get the word out about my qualifications.

    Please keep in touch.


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