Assault on Wall Street – The Movie…the dream…COMING SOON!

Assault on Wall Street covrMOVIE INSIDER: A security guard for an armored truck, Jim (Dominic Purcell) is a blue-collar New Yorker who works hard to earn a living. His wages support himself and his wife Rosie (Erin Karpluk), who is on the upswing recovering from a near-fatal illness. Yet things start to fall apart after Rosie’s health insurance stops covering her treatment and Jim’s life savings are lost via a disastrous investment his stockbroker had advised him to make. As a row of professional and personal dominoes falls, Jim is confronted by the realization that, after being abused and exploited by financial institutions for far too long, he has only one choice: to strike back. Sounds all too familiar?

Here are the movie trailers that are more than compelling drama. Assault on Wall Street is a stirring and probably a recurring dream for many foreclosed homeowners and pension-less employees that have been stripped of their savings, equity, homes and security.

WARNING: This trailer is graphic.
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Additional Note: From the mind of notorious German writer/director Uwe Boll (House of the Dead).


In movie theaters and On Demand:  Friday, May 10, 2013

For details of movie and show times see MOVIE INSIDER.
Thanks to Jack for the heads-up.

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3 thoughts on “Assault on Wall Street – The Movie…the dream…COMING SOON!

  1. Is there a reason why this is not reported in mainstream media/ Oh that’s right – mainstream media is corporately owned. What do corporations (banks) do? They make HUGE campaign contributions.

  2. Oh, I know that Wall Street will not like this movie to come out. It will be a hoot if the banksters cry fowl on the plot of the movie on how the character goes after Wall Street with guns. The question is will the NRA embrace this type of revenge against the banksters? And certainly many in the media will not report this movie. Thanks for letting me know about this movie. Will be interested in see it.

  3. This movie will be a resounding hit regardless. People, middle class working people are growing weary of Washington politics as their life evaporates. Wall Street is arrogant and doesn’t think this could happen to them in real life. Five years ago I would have agreed but today I am not so sure. There is only so much Americans will take. I fear we are getting to that breaking point.

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