Fix America’s Rigged Justice System

Published on Feb 3, 2016
Senator Elizabeth Warren’s remarks on the Senate floor on February 3, 2016.

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We have one set of laws on the books, but there are two legal systems: One for the rich and powerful, and one for everyone else. It’s not equal justice when a kid gets thrown in jail for stealing a car, while a CEO gets a huge raise when his company steals billions. Want to see the rigged game in action? Tomorrow, the House will be voting on a GOP bill that would make it much harder to investigate and prosecute bank fraud. The American people remember who broke our economy & who made out like bandits – and they didn’t send us here to help the bandits. To anyone in Congress who thinks they can simply talk tough on crime and then vote to make it even harder to crack down on corporate criminals, hear this: I promise you – I promise you – the American people are watching.


By Shelley Erickson

The Pirate Pilfering!

Wall-Street-PirateBankster piracy is so horrific even though the 50 US attorney generals agreed to let the banks off the hook with a pittance in refunds to homeowners, the fraudclosure money vampires sailed on assaulting and wrongfully seizing our properties.

It was business as usual set out to steal even more properties the exact same way and adding millions more homeowners to their fraudclosure list Continue reading

Elizabeth Warren Blasts Regulators For Protecting Banks

Elizabeth-Warren2“The Fed messed with the wrong senator…” posted David Dayen on Salon.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) grilled federal officials about illegal bank foreclosures at a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Thursday. She wanted to know if they would give information to victims of illegal foreclosures–or if they just want to protect the banks. Warren asked, “You now know individual cases where the banks violated the law, and you’re not going to tell the homeowners, or at least it’s not clear yet whether you’re going to do that?”     Continue reading

“You Can Take That To The Bank You Miserable Son Of A Bitch…”

The Daily Sheeple (“Wake the Flock Up!”) reported a story that merits repeating.

Alan Simpson, Republican Senator from Wyoming and co-chair of President Obama’s deficit commission, calls senior citizens the “Greediest Generation” as he compared Social Security to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats.  Here’s a response in a letter from Ms. Myers, said to be a career school teacher in Montana… It appears she is a little ticked off!

She also tells it like it is!  Continue reading