Bombards Body Language Tutorials – Pure Gold Instruction

Some of the best tools we have ever encountered as litigation paralegals are on Bombards Body Language, a collection of dissected videos where the goal is to teach people to be able to identify and see deception in body language. Having watched Bombard’s video channels for several years – it recently became time to move up to tutorial instruction.

Whether you are a paralegal, attorney, judge, prosecutor, police person, teacher, employer or even a parent, understanding body language can be extremely helpful in your daily life. As paralegals, we sometimes have to assess the client’s credibility for the attorneys. Other times, we need to be able to “read” a witness or client during testimony – is she/he truthful? How will the jury perceive their testimony?

Mandy, as she is known on the channel, points out the “tells” in the body language that can give fascinating insight into the truthfulness, or lack thereof, in a suspect, witness or victim’s statement.

After just a few days of working with the tutorials – it is obvious EVERY judge should take Bombards Body Language tutorial instruction as part of an accredited course. Not only would they be able to see the “tells” of misrepresentation on the face of the witnesses – but the judge would be able to gauge how credible the attorneys appearing in his/her court are too.

We opted for the Gold Package which gives us access to both Gold & Silver videos. There’s a Mind series and Crime series that provide Mandy’s tremendous insight into the criminal and manipulated thought process. One of more interesting cases in the Gold video collection was the true story of thirty-six-year-old Lindsay Haugen who is currently serving a 60-year prison sentence for Robert Glenn Mast’s murder in September of 2015. Haugen pled guilty to deliberate homicide. Haugen, an army veteran, said she strangled Mast because he told her he wanted to die and she had wanted to try killing someone with her “bare hands” …in a Walmart parking lot. To view Mandy’s analysis on this case – you’ll need a Gold package (see the Premium Videos tab) and it will be worth it for sure!

If you just want to explore the concept of detecting deception – almost any of the videos on Bombards Body Language will provide you with deception insight. For instance, a favorite is the “believe me” look – raised eyebrows. You’ve probably unknowingly seen it on your kids or spouse. Once you learn to spot it, and they realize you can spot it – it will be life changing. 😂

Mandy notes: “This is useful in all walks of life, from our personal relationships to the deceptions practiced by our politicians & public figures. Maybe it will improve society by forcing dishonest people to become honest, or at least perhaps they’ll be called out when they are not.”


This is a list of Mandy’s top 10 videos to check out, especially if you are relatively
new to the Bombards Body Language channel.
She hasn’t settled completely on the list yet, so it may change periodically.

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