Now We Know — The DOJ Ignored Two FCIC Citi Criminal Referrals!

Justice League

Several items have recently hit the press regarding the financial crisis of 2008 which could lead to further investigation of what actually happened and who is responsible.
One that has me excited is the National Archives releasing the first of many documents of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) which have been sealed for five years!!!
The media is already picking up on this and noted that the FCIC  made a criminal referral for Robert Rubin, et al. in September of 2010. They discovered that “Rubin reportedly blessed the increased risk taking at Citi … Their direct exposures to subprime bonds were $55 billion according to the Commission. The FCIC staff notes say that “based on FCIC interviews and documents obtained during our investigation, it is clear that CEO Chuck Prince and Robert Rubin … knew this information.”
Fortune goes on to say, Prince and Rubin, were made aware of Citi’s…

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