Trump trademarked Reagan’s popular ’80 campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ just days after the 2012 election

See how much you can learn in the USPTO?!

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By Biloxi

A lot of people didn’t know that Ronald Reagan made “Make America Great Again” a backbone of his campaign in 1980.

From Wikipedia:

The term was created in 1979. during a time in which the United States was suffering from a worsening economy at home marked by high unemployment and inflation. The phrase “Let’s Make America Great Again” appeared on buttons and posters during Reagan’s 1980 campaign. Usually when the term is used, people use it as a reflection to the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Yet, “Make America Great Again” was never trademarked the slogan by Reagan. Donald Trump just did. Trump trademarked the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ just days after the 2012 election. Trump were filed trademark papers in November 2012 which indicated how long Trump had been thinking about a serious run for the White House. Hat tip to Daily Mail:

Trump applied for his trademark 13 days after Barack Obama was re-elected president, an indication of how quickly he began thinking about succeeding him

Trump applied for…

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