Brent Loper from “The Foreclosure Story”

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A new movie will be filming soon on the Gulf Coast.  It’s called “The Foreclosure Story” and will feature local actor Brent Loper in the lead role.

“The Foreclosure Story” is based on true events. It’s an action-drama that follows the hopes of a struggling, young father and entrepreneur, Eric Herrholz.  Eric’s
uncanny knack in business garners the attention of the Mob, which at first doesn’t seem such a bad thing. The money is rolling in and life is good. But the American
Dream takes a dark turn. With the lives of his family and all he has worked for at stake, Eric is pushed to his limits to keep ahead of the jailer and out of the grave.

Click on the video link to hear Brent talk about the upcoming film.

Also, the movie is still casting. For more information visit:

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