Why Bankers Should Fear Donald Trump

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WASHINGTON — In almost any other election cycle, bankers would be celebrating the fact that a Republican candidate has emerged so far in front of the pack and would quickly fall in line behind him.

But New York real estate mogul Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday victories are cause for concern, not celebration, in the industry. His rhetoric, record and temperament make him a uniquely ill-suited Republican candidate to earn banker support, and those who do back the outspoken businessman are likely to soon regret it. Here’s why:

1. Trump is not committed to regulatory relief, Dodd-Frank repeal — or any other bank priority.

While most of the Republican candidates in the race have avoided discussing Wall Street reform or the financial crisis, almost every one at some point endorsed a repeal of the Dodd-Frank Act and pledged regulatory relief for community banks. (Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., was the first…

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1 thought on “Why Bankers Should Fear Donald Trump

  1. The voting is telling the elected officials we are ticked off and do not trust our government any more. Ticks me off when the media makes every excuse in the book but the banks ruining America and the politicians enabling them. They are at least admitting a voting revolution. The people see this happening and are seeing their votes do count. Record numbers are showing up at the polls and a happening never seen before is going on. YEAH! The people have seen the exposed crime and are waking up to doing something about it.

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