Hillary Clinton to Announce Plan to Rein in Wall Street ‘Abuses’

Well, we have to give her the opportunity to express her program… But, meanwhile – just remember all the promises Obama made…

Justice League

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that she will lay out her plan to rein in Wall Street “abuses” within the next week.

“I’m going to be proposing in the next week what I think will be the best way to go after Wall Street abuses and rein in the too-big-to-fail banks and other institutions,” Clinton said at an Iowa campaign stop.

Clinton said her plan would focus on more than banks, taking into account any kind of financial institution that causes disruption in the marketplace.

“What I’m proposing is that we go after the risk,” Clinton said. “If they are so big that they are causing disruptions in the marketplace, that’s a risk. So I have what I consider to be a more comprehensive approach toward what we need to do to rein in the big institutions, including the banks.”

Clinton also indicated that she would address…

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