Ben Bernanke Blames Congress For Poor Economic Recovery

So do we.

Justice League

Doesn’t take personal responsibility…Bernanke needs to crawl back under the rock with Greenspan…

Here’s FT with Bernanke’s take:

The former chairman of the Federal Reserve has hit out at Congress for failing to do its part to bolster America’s rebound from the financial crisis, saying the US central bank had been unfairly criticised when the recovery “failed to lift all boats”.

In his newly published memoir, Ben Bernanke admitted the Fed had failed to spot some of the dangers building before the financial crash, and said that the controversial rescues of Bear Stearns and the insurance company AIG had damaged its political standing and “created new risks to its independence”.

As suggested by the title of his book, The Courage to Act, Mr Bernanke argues that the Fed’s policies under his leadership were justified and helped usher in a stronger recovery than in many other countries. He draws a…

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