Investment banker’s suicide highlights pressures industry brings

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Since January 2014, HousingWire has reported on what appears to be a tragic trend of suicides and mysterious deaths of financial executives and bankers.

Here is just a little of our past coverage.

Third prominent banker found dead in six days

More details emerge about three bankers who died in six days

Fourth suicide for finance executive under investigation

JPMorgan global program trading exec, dead at 37

Fifth financial executive with ties to JPMorgan found dead

London authorities open investigation into banker deaths

Death of banker under mysterious circumstances makes 36 in 2014

Now, the New York Times profiles a young investment banker who tragically took his own life, and the circumstances that may have contributed to it.

In retrospect, it was around Easter that John Hughes began to think something unusual was going on with his middle son, Thomas, a 29-year-old investment banker.

John’s former wife, Marypat, had arranged…

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