Death, Depression, Desperation and Despair; the homelessness of foreclosure is an atrocity of untold magnitude

In an effort to appear hunky-dory for the APEC Summit embarking on its shores in November 2011, Honolulu city council wanted to pass legislation to be able to “dispose” of the belongings of street people, many of which are families that have been displaced by foreclosure – a growing number that has been largely ignored by state and federal governments.

Bill targets personal items on Honolulu sidewalks
Published 01:35 p.m., Thursday, September 29, 2011

HONOLULU (AP) — A city council bill has been introduced that would allow officials to remove items owned by Honolulu’s homeless on sidewalks.

Five council members introduced the bill Wednesday, seeking to make it illegal to store personal property such as clothing and furniture on public property for more than 24 hours.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports the bill is the latest attempt to take back control of city sidewalks and parks as the number of homeless encampments has increased.

A similar measure last year prompted concerns by the American Civil Liberties Union that it would essentially be illegal to be homeless and own any possessions.

The latest bill’s lead sponsor, Councilwoman Tulsi Gabbard, says the measure isn’t designed to clear streets of homeless people but to make public spaces available for everyone.

The number of victims in the foreclosure atrocity that is ignored by the current US administration is astounding. We may not have ovens but we have “dumps” and storm troopers that invade these foreclosure homes under the guise of EJECTMENT officers and forcibly remove families, change locks and throw away their belongings.

Now Honolulu, a city that embraces all walks of life, wants to “dump” what is left of the homeless’ existence to clean their sidewalks so we can have a false appearance for the national media – give me a (expletive) break!

Luckily, homeless in Hawaii has rather pleasant weather conditions, but thousands of displaced families have no where to go other than set up tents on the streets with some shelter and a place to sleep.

The empty homes are not being rented because the banks don’t want the liability and expense. It appears the unrented collateral is a facade for the under-collaterized banks and has become their new gold standard. Remember, the banks wrote more loans than they can legally hold and most of their agents like Accredited Home Lenders, Option One, Ownit, American Home Lenders, Ameriquest (and hundreds more) have gone bankrupt as if by a planned exit strategy. There is no where to house the millions of overwritten, highly inflated mortgages so the alternative is to foreclose – even when people want to make payments.

People are forced to the streets in tents. The ostrich attitude about foreclosure by the administration has left a lot of dead bodies in it’s wake. Suicides, heart attacks, sudden disease caused by emotional stress…even murders – the numbers are mounting.

Washington, DC has allowed the rape of the American Dream and it was not necessary. They could have reduced the interest rate to 2% and stripped the inflated mortgages to market value and the majority of people could have kept their homes and stabilized the economy.  Instead of allowing the GSEs (Fannie, Freddie, FHLB) to “make profit” it should have concentrated on a balanced budget.

The dueling ideologies of the purpose of the GSE entities is what has caused their instability and ultimate collapse. Congress thought they were funding special projects to provide more affordable 30-year housing. The GSEs were dreaming up patented schemes and algorithms designed to take the behavior patterns of the targeted borrowers into default in the short-term and reap a liquidity of insurance and fees for profits (and large salaries and bonuses) all at the pleasure of the Wall Street banks.

Instead of restructure the government has allowed the eviction storm troopers to seize the properties and displace the families…and the numbers affected exceed all the figures combined in the atrocious Holocaust. 24 million homes = 60 million people in foreclosure with another 72 million people waiting in the wings. Apparently, the government could care less about what happens to these people – just throw out in the elements rather than the ovens. This is the financial slaughter and death of the worldwide economy including the American Dream.

Death, depression, desperation, and despair; the homelessness of foreclosure too is an atrocity of untold magnitude.

6 thoughts on “Death, Depression, Desperation and Despair; the homelessness of foreclosure is an atrocity of untold magnitude

  1. The fact that Judge Blaine Kobiyashi of the Lahaina District Court would side with One West Bank and try to have me ejected from my home is criminal in itself. Lahaina Court does not have jurisdiction because I have a suit pending in the First Circut Court. I was current under the terms of my loan modification when my home was sold to Fannie Mae for $10 in Texas and my final payment was returned. This is FRAUD plain and simple but somehow the dishonorable judge doesn’t mind fraud being commited by banks. Kobiyashi obviously didn’t even read our complaint. Perhaps there are financial stocks in his pension. I paid a lot of taxes in this state for many years some of those taxes paid the judges’ salary. This shouldn’t afford me any special favors but at least give me a fair hearing and read all the evidence put forth. Instead it was just a default ruling for the out of state bank One West. If the judge had take five minutes to search he would have found One West has a terrible track record with modification fraud and many othe types of fraud. The more you look the worse it stinks. Soros got a sweetheart deal from the Obama admin when he and Dell bought out IndyMac. I’m still fighting but who knows how many are on the street because of fraud and not having the resources to fight. The banksters need a wake up call perhaps wake up and start making license plates.
    This whole distortion of the American Dream has most definitly put enormous strain on my marriage and health. I’ve been to the Mayo Clinic twice since this started. Defrauding someone out of their house so obscene yet so common these days.

    • Unfortunately, lesser educated judges can’t comprehend the complexity and appeals are in order. Their pension funds are gone – they just don’t know it yet. Don’t be surprised if BofA drops like bowling ball rolling down a cliff tomorrow – it’s Friday. I can’t believe with One West you’d have a valid Assignment of Mortgage – the attorneys say “no standing, no jurisdiction – void judgment” – Appeal.

  2. Remember this about “OneWest Bank;” it is really another “Hedge Fund”. The “owners” are hedge fund speculators who live in Greenwich, CT and previously speculated in currency futures. They bought IndyMac Bank from the Feds for a few pennies, using IndyMac assets tossed in as collateral – in effect, buying IndyMac with its own money. The reason was to obtain respectability for speculation, using a coveted federal bank charter. Here, the speculation is in paid mortgage Notes. Remember that every single one of the IndyMac/OneWest Notes being foreclosed on has already been paid off, at least once, and in some cases twice or three times. The mechanism for those payments is the notorious synthetic credit-default swap, which kicks in on the 91st day after the “trustee” finds the Note in default (which is why they want you to “not pay” for 90 days before a loan modification, to be in “default” – and then they go collect the insurance, so your Note is fully paid). The swap, or insurance policy (paid for unwittingly by the homeowner) is structured as “without subrogation,” so the insurer does not develop rights, even equitable rights, on the underlying insured item, here the Note. What you are left with is a Note that is “paid,” but never stamped “paid.”

    Now OneWest marches into the local county courthouse with the paid but un-stamped Note and looks the county judge in the eye and says “Our Note is not paid by the homeowner.” What they do not say (and what your county Judge does not ask about because he has no clue) is that the various insurance policies have already paid that Note off, probably 2 or 3 times to various speculators who bought the policies – with your money, incidentally. Since you as the homeowner also have no clue, you do not raise the equitable defense of payment, as well as unjust enrichment on the part of OneWest. It is just too tempting for the pond-scum from Greenwich to resist. Their speculators are vulture-fund buyers, of course, who are speculating (correctly) that nobody is wise to the scam. They become the “new billionaires.”

    What is OneWest’s true investment in the Note? Probably zero. If anything, some de-minimus sum like $10. So the sale of your house becomes 100% gravy. They can afford to sit on an empty house until the market improves; it cost them zero. Does your Judge know any of this? Probably not; Hawaii is a long way from Wall Street. And in case your Judge tries to raise some “moralistic” argument about how you did not pay, remember this: under the provisions of the UCC regarding negotiable instruments, ANY payment from ANY source is to be credited to the Obligation. Would that “bank” care if your rich uncle made your mortgage payment? Of course not; money is money. Do they care is an insurer makes the payment? Of course not; that money is “manna from heaven.” Even better than your rich uncle, because nobody knows about it outside of Wall Street. The pond-scum gets rich, and you get to sleep on the street. And now the City confiscates your last blanket to boot.

    And for this, your ancestors fought a revolution? Oh, sorry, still thinking about Connecticut. I should re-phrase: and for this, your ancestors voted to join the USA? You would have been better off as an independent Kingdom. Have a nice day in paradise, folks. Remember, you are now the new indentured servants of Jews on Wall Street. Soros, Cohen, Morgenstern, Loskove – they are all delighted to go spend your homestead money on themselves. Why not just secede from the Union? Do you really need this abuse?

  3. I spoke to Laura Ashby and need to talk to you regarding “clouded tittle” How can I find out if there are any lawsuited on a Condominium I am purchasing? Also I want information on the bank I am finacing with.
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  4. Thank you Jan for your comment. I’m sorry I guess I didn’t check the notify box on this thread.
    I apreciate you estute reply.

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