Everything was Patented … Yeah, We got an “app” for that!

WTF?!, No Seriously, WTF! – Bank Of America Holds Patent On ‘Changing Your Emotions’ During Customer Service Call


Patent Abstract

Systems and methods for inducing a change in a human physiological characteristic. The physiological characteristic may correspond to an emotional state of a dialogue participant. The dialogue participant may be an individual participating in a conversation. The outcome of the conversation may be related to a business objective, such as providing high quality call center services. A sensor may monitor the physiologic characteristic. A processor may relate the physiologic characteristic to an emotional state.
The processor may provide feedback to the individual based on the emotional state. The feedback may be formulated to change the individual’s emotional state.United States Patent Application_ 0110201960

Read the Patent Application HERE
__________________________________________________________________________ By DEADLY CLEAR

Ken Dost, an expert in financial reverse engineering (FrE) located on the West Coast, has been diving into the Wall Street banks’ patents and trademarks focusing on the their financial engineering schemes over the last 3 years.  Dost has discovered that there were patents on nearly every aspect of the mortgage market – and they were linked together.

“If you thought your mortgage was based on the appraisal value,” said Dost, “think again. Wells Fargo, for example, created a Patent published in 2004 that clearly identifies that the loan amount was based upon credit score, credit bureau information and an ‘automated information management system’. Based on the patent information it appears that a lender would determine how much money it was willing to lend and an appraisal was secondary. The borrower’s mortgage loan amount was based on the borrower’s ability and willingness to pay.  Apparently, from what we have learned from the investor lawsuits, the appraiser was told what that price needed to be.”

Dost has done extensive work linking patents and trademarks that are unknown to the public and undisclosed to borrowers and possibly the investors. The automated technology of the patents along with the linked trademarks appear to have been used for purposes adverse to the borrowers and investors.

Why does Ken Dost think the patents and trademarks were created? Is it a mortgage or an option?  Stay tuned…

Mr. Dost is an expert in financial reverse engineering, specializing in financial patent and trademark research for foreclosure defense attorneys. Ken Dost can be reached at kwddesigninc@centurytel.net.

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