Milton – Please Share.

This is profoundly brilliant. I don’t know who he is other than “Milton” was on the link that was sent to me. I wish I could articulate this sad state of affairs we find our country in today as well as he has.

“When the state prevents you from buying seeds for your garden, but allows you to purchase lottery tickets… it’s not about your health.”


Milton, wherever you are, thank you for sharing your wise thoughts – they are an affirmation and inspiration to many of us around the world. Aloha, Sydney

1 thought on “Milton – Please Share.

  1. When pharma controls our health-less system… We are going to get stuck… now 72 from birth to 18 years old with hundreds more in the pipeline and no liability for the damages they cause. (See 1986 The Act. movie. If it is false… show me. vaccines… to save us from a deadly virus that is a bit worse than the seasonal flu. If you deduct the elderly and the blacks that have died, you would have to deduct 72% of the deaths, without ever addressing the CAUSE of those deaths. Food deserts for the poor and predominantly persons of color neighborhoods located in the worst air quality regions of the nation. Obesity, diabetes, poor diets, unhealthy sedentary lifestyles, no exercise, and maybe, worst of all, victims of the fear-mongering by MSM 24/7…
    Look at the CDC graph showing “all-cause mortality”. The flu is just about burned out, it has peaked in NY, New Jersey, and soon the rest of the country. but the MSM has not notified us to that effect. Why? If they had protected the elderly and at-risk instead of throwing the infected into senior care facilities, the morbidity would have been nearly halved. Shame on the agenda behind all of this. (Which at this point is, at the least, to cover their asses for the murder of our elderly.)
    It appears that Pharma and all are using the same playbook as they did with smoking, Roundup, and every other poison that is being put on and in our “food-like substances” are perfectly safe S/.

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