Held Hostage in Politically-Biased #DisingenuousTwitterPrison By Twitter Extortion

By Sydney Sullivan

*freedom of speech *social media *shoot to kill *protests ...
Disingenuous Twitter Prison – Limited Freedom of Speech & Due Process

If Twitter wasn’t so juvenile and painfully politically biased this Twitter prison sentence wouldn’t be worth my time to post. But since COVID-19 has turned into a political weapon rather than a imminent concern, its very hard to take any politician seriously on the subject.

As litigation paralegals, we research everything and weigh the evidence. There is more information available that confirms face masks are more unhealthy than any good they actually do. In the early phases of this COVID scare, we made over 200 masks for our local community. We were careful to use recommended material and even added an iron-on interfacing with more secure strapping.

But as time went on, people in the stores had paper masks hanging off their faces and more stories about how useless masks were against such a tiny virus began to surface. Dr. Fauci didn’t help either. One day he was “no masks needed” and the next time “wear masks”. And let’s face it, politicians are not always the brightest light bulbs on the planet – so whatever they hear last is where they stand.

What finally made me personally take issue with face masks was when I went shopping at Ross with a friend – first time I had been there in 5 months! As we casually walked through the store, I actually watch her face turn gray. Her ashen-face and struggle to walk scared me so bad that I thought we should sit, pull the mask down, get an breath and then leave.


We were in the back corner of the store with no one around for 300′. The store was essentially empty all but for a handful of shoppers who were nowhere near us. Just as she was able to catch a breath, the Ross “Mask Police” rushed over to inform us of store policies and that the masks must be on at all times – no matter what the circumstances. We promptly left.

That incident spurred more investigation and once we learned about the lack of oxygen issue, I felt compelled to Tweet one of the many lack of oxygen mask information videos to our mayor, who usually weighs all the evidence. This now has me in Disingenuous Twitter Prison and I’m being extorted to remove the Tweet for my freedom.

It started like this when I logged on:

“The researchers claim that wearing an N95 mask can reduce oxygen intake from 5% to 20%. “That’s significant, even for a healthy person,” they said. “It can cause dizziness and lightheadedness. If you wear a mask long enough, it can damage the lungs. For a patient in respiratory distress, it can even be life-threatening.””

Does Wearing a Face Mask Increase CO2 Levels?

This was the YouTube video I shared by Tweet with our Mayor.

“You can still browse Twitter, but you are limited to only sending Direct Messages” – that is a misrepresentation aka lie, because you can’t enter Twitter after you appeal. As you “Start”, the next page appears from #DisingenuousTwitterPrison:

Of course we appealed the biased, uneducated, one-sided Twitter determination because OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and is an agency of the United States Department of Labor. Congress established the agency under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act). We personally looked up the OSHA rules and guidelines. Frankly, Twitter’s actions to remove a health hazard informative Tweet about masks causing a lack of oxygen is much more harmful. And all for what, a political agenda?

And this was Twitter’s acknowledgement of our Appeal and response:

“If you’d rather just delete your Tweet, you can cancel your appeal.”


That’s okay Twitter – I’ll just move over to Parler @DeadlyClear for now.

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