Data Breach Reveals Tech Players in Storage and Manipulation of Documents

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I often find clues to the “who” question of reporting in little known articles about data breaches. We find in this article the names of players who have vanished or still exist with data breaches allowing anyone to view tens of millions of mortgage loan files on servers that, among other things, change the images to documents in which the writing can be changed or lifted to create another document.

My take is that this information was released to portray the banks as victims or perhaps negligent instead of acting intentionally to fabricate, alter or change documents for different purposes.

see Data Breaches at Unknown Companies

So what is being portrayed as a data breach might be a contrived plan to distract attention from the ongoing activities that lead to (1) illegal sales of “mortgage-backed securities” that are not actually backed by mortgages, (2) illegal sale of loan products that…

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