Identity Theft, Mers and Other Issues: Great Post from James

For those of you just recently waking up – this is worth the repeat & ReTweet.

The scenario reflects my personal experience with Wells Fargo Bank over the last several years. After banking with them for over 16 years, I realized that I was a victim of identity theft, which was controlled and perpetrated by the bank.”

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Henderson, Nevada
Editor’s Comment: At the heart of the entire mortgage meltdown is identity theft by the banks and investment banks. They take your identity, merge it with the identities of thousands of other people and sell it to investors under false pretenses leaving you holding the bag not knowing who to pay or if you still owe anything after the insurance, bailouts and cross collateralization.)

Who owns your house???
Forecasting the future of any market whether it’s real estate or the stock market requires good financial analysis and a little bit of luck. Not if you are on the MERS Bandwagon, the real estate market changes every the day…. Even the Past..

The Mortgage Electronic Registration System, asset backed securities and trustee deed foreclosures are the name of this game. First In………First Out………….! In Clark County Nevada, (Las Vegas) and Maricopa, Arizona, an average…

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2 thoughts on “Identity Theft, Mers and Other Issues: Great Post from James

  1. Been decade fraudelant and @WellsFargo still doing it the way they ask about hardship is nothing more than spying on our weaknesses and take advantage of our weaknesses for their benefit to take our 🏠

  2. I agree. To apply for a hamp we had to write a hardship letter. We we’re not approved and given an ” in house” modification whatever that meant lol. Then when the bp oil spill devistated us again we applied for hamp again that’s when things went strange. People across America were told they needed to be 90 days late. I supposed The banks got greedy they wanted their pmi and then very out of town on the homeowner got a lawyer four the foreclosure ( no free house they would have to paylegal fee’s now)we are just a casino chip and the judfes are allowing this to continue. How can servicer#3 piggyback as substitute plaintiff on servicer#1&2 lforeclosure. Why don’t they have price standing at inception. This fakery is stealing money from people. After a decade you would think this would have crumbled already. 😦

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