Trump’s GOP Calls for Significant Changes to Housing in 2016 Platform

HOUSINGWIRE says: Party platform blasts “corrupt business model” of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Okay, think about this – Fannie and Freddie were collaborators, if not the actual architects, and helped set up and patent this corrupt housing scheme. If you haven’t watched THE BIG SHORT yet, the time is NOW (it’s on Netflix). Then watch it again – there were good guys on Wall Street. Not everyone was involved in the corruption, albeit it few and far between. In fact, for many years America had a moral and more ethical financial community. But shortly after President Reagan began deregulating the industry and President Clinton signed off on the whip cream and cherry topping by deregulating Glass-Steagall – Wall Street went to hell in a hand-basket.

According to the Republican Party platform, which can be read in full here, one of the GOP’s goals for 2016 and beyond is to “advance responsible homeownership while guarding against the abuses that led to the housing collapse.”

The GOP platform states that the party believes in the importance of homeownership and wants to do more to help more people achieve it.

“Homeownership expands personal liberty, builds communities, and helps Americans create wealth. ‘The American Dream’ is not a stale slogan. It is the lived reality that expresses the aspirations of all our people,” the Republican Party platform states. “It means a decent place to live, a safe place to raise kids, a welcoming place to retire. It bespeaks the quiet pride of those who work hard to shelter their family and, in the process, create caring neighborhoods.”

And to return to healthier levels of homeownership, instead of the current near-record lows, more needs to be done, but not by the government, the Republican Party argues.

According to the Republicans, the government has already done more than enough.

“The Great Recession devastated the housing market. U.S. taxpayers paid billions to rescue Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the latter managed and controlled by senior officials from the Carter and Clinton Administrations, and to cover the losses of the poorly-managed Federal Housing Administration,” the Republican platform states. “Millions lost their homes, millions more lost value in their homes.” Read More on HOUSINGWIRE.

The 2016 GOP Platform on The Judiciary – Page 10

“The rule of law is the foundation of our Republic. A critical threat to our country’s constitutional order is an activist judiciary that usurps powers properly reserved to the people through other branches of government. Only a Republican president will appoint judges who respect the rule of law expressed within the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, including the inalienable right to life and the laws of nature and nature’s God, as did the late Justice Antonin Scalia. We are facing a national crisis in our judiciary. We understand that only by electing a Republican president in 2016 will America have the opportunity for up to five new constitutionally-minded Supreme Court justices appointed to fill vacancies on the Court. […]

We believe in the constitutional checks and balances and that the Founders intended the judiciary to be the weakest branch. We encourage Congress to use the check of impeachment for judges who unconstitutionally usurp Article I powers. In tandem with a Republican Senate, a new Republican president will restore to the Court a strong conservative majority that will follow the text and original meaning of the Constitution and our laws. The legitimate powers of government are rooted in the consent of the American people. Judicial activism that includes reliance on foreign law or unratified treaties undermines American sovereignty. Foreign laws and precedents should not be used to interpret our Constitution or laws, nor should foreign sources of law be used in state courts’ adjudication of criminal or civil matters. We also affirm the wisdom of President George Washington’s warning to avoid foreign entanglements and unnecessary alliances. We therefore oppose the adoption or ratification of treaties that would weaken or encroach upon American sovereignty or that could be construed by courts to do so. We will not recognize as binding upon the United States any international agreement forged without the constitutionally required assent of two-thirds of the United States Senate.”

stomping on homeownersReading the GOP Platform felt like someone had been perusing DeadlyClear’s posts since 2011 and realized just how bad the financial crash has been on Americans – and began writing the Platform. Homeowners face the Wall Street corruption everyday in our courts. Our courts are not following the rule of law or even stare decisis. Moral and ethical business practices are MIA – and yet the current government creates programs that allows the criminals to buy their way out of jail and help them fund their fines and settlements with public funds – YOUR MONEY! And cheats homeowners out of their property in order to “foam the runway for the banks.”

It can’t go on this way – and it appears there is a faction that agrees it’s time for an overhaul.

We’re not going to agree with everything – and a lot of the good points may get watered down – but the GOP is the first kid on the block to write these necessities into their platform. Gotta give ’em kudos..’cause we all know the real pain has been going on for much too long with nothing being done about it.

“We do things much the same way as we did 50, 60 or even 70 years ago. The answers may not be wrong, but we haven’t experimented to see whether they are or not.” – Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP Group

This is a quote worth remembering because the way we did it 70 years ago was working, but we took a break and experimented – however, the experiment was a horrific failure – now, we need to get back to Glass Steagall:

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