Business As Usual: Wells Fargo’s $70 Million Settlement an Insult to Defrauded Homeowners

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Bank lying Wells Fargo- We will NEVER Fabricate or Robosign Another Foreclosure Document- We Promise.

By William Hudson

Wells Fargo agreed to pay a $70 million penalty to end its five-year battle to settle claims over fraudulent foreclosure practices in the wake of the financial crisis- yet, Wells Fargo is continuing the same foreclosure practices they claim to have halted- while our elected officials pretend that Wells is in compliance with the National Mortgage Settlement.  Banks create the illusion of ownership and compliance while government creates the illusion of enforcement- the homeowner is doomed.  The parasitic relationship between banking and government is destroying the fabric of America.

Five years ago, Wells Fargo and other banks settled allegations that they’d fraudulently endorsed and fabricated legal papers used in home foreclosures and last year, the OCC imposed restrictions on Wells Fargo and the usual culprits because they hadn’t met settlement demands.  Yet these…

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1 thought on “Business As Usual: Wells Fargo’s $70 Million Settlement an Insult to Defrauded Homeowners

  1. Each time when big bloodsuckers like Well Fart Go Settled with the government and pay as little as possible.
    Even so, homeowners get NOTHING! The help we received by the non-profet organizations YEAR AFTER YEAR, other then the “non-profet” received their money from bankers, they only count each family as A NUMBER, as “helped” or “being helped” family!
    The banks don’t put our homes as “foreclosure”, nor “pre-foreclosure” into the database of Well Fart Go owned “ZILLOW” website, they just sit on it, and wish you go away or died! They know we have high interest rate, but they just refused to drop it even they know they violated the law.

    Thank you for your website!
    My mortgage was with World Savings, then Wachovia, and then Well Fart Go. My home has been dragged by Well Fart Go for about 7 years, and mediation took 4+ years.

    May I please to know any better idea other then keep waiting (Nothwest Justice lawyer told me)?

    Thank you very much!


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