Why When The Truth Be Told – It Falls on Deaf Ears

This video, as our colleague Steve shared, is relevant today. Yes, Steve, it is even more relevant today because in 2010 it had only been 4 years of criminal behavior with no action – in 2016, it has now been 10 years and its like a snowball from hell rolling out of control – TBTF.  “Feed Me, Seymore!”

Georgetown law professor Adam Levitin testifies before Congress regarding the securitization disaster.

“Take Servicers out of the loan modification business… Servicers were never in the loan modification business – they’re in the transaction processing business…” Adam Levitin testifies before Congress in November 2010. Did Congress act on Professor Levitin’s suggestion – Hell No!

And why not, you ask yourself? Delusional preservation of their fictitious pension funds and other Wall Street investments, maybe?

Think about it. You’re a local politician because, originally, you think you can make some small contribution to society (or because you can’t find another job with the same pay and benefits). You run for office and people like you because you are charismatic. When you get elected to office you find out there is already a system in place that puts your hopes and desires to help society on the back burner until you build seniority (which takes quite a few years). But in the meantime, if you play your cards right – you can advance on the monopoly board. And as you advance more perks are added to your basket of benefits.

MedianNetWorth2012v2-thumb-650x315-11721 (1)By the time you are in Congress, or a USDC judge (if you are so lucky), you’ve mentally justified (been brain-washed) that the perks and investments outweigh your desires to help society, so you are a good soldier and play along with the majority of your party and don’t make any waves – because if you do you might not have the same cushy job next time around. And that’s because the people that fund your election make certain somebody else gets the money. Unfortunately, there is always someone in the wings willing to sell his/her soul to the devil. Explore the 113th Congress’ personal wealth and investments at OpenSecrets.org.

In the case of the judiciary, those that have to run every few years still have the problem. Those appointed to the lifetime tenure of the USDC still have the value of their pensions and investments to worry about – and they fear if they upset the system they’ll have nothing to retire on either. If you had to face lying and cheating attorneys and their clients everyday – your world would be colored differently too.

The banksters tell them they don’t have anything to worry about – that the systemic risk is under control. They know better – but because they are so highly invested their protagonist personally caves and recreates itself into a believer of deliberate lies because the alternative is more than they can mentally handle.

sack022013If someone lies to you and you know in your heart that you are intentionally being deceived – but the alternative is to lose everything you’ve worked for all of your life, it is sometimes easier to look the other way and tell you pragmatic self the shut up and hope that the situation will magically right itself without your help.

This is the delusional protectionism and justification process. There is just to much debt and destruction to continue ignoring the warnings.

2 thoughts on “Why When The Truth Be Told – It Falls on Deaf Ears

  1. The truth is what we are saying, the lie is what the courts finds to be the truth. What is truth if it gets buried by the laws the lobbyists go to congress and our local law makers and say here is what we will do for you if you do this for us. Well the truth is the people the law makers are suppose to protect and serve and yet it’s twisted to allowing big banks to run the government and control the laws to hide the truth. What is truth? It is being honest, having integrity, good morals and explains the lie. How do we get a truth a cross in a court of law as all they look at the law they created so they can steal our properties and violate our constitutional rights. Do you know under the constitution 14 th amendment they have no right to take our properties without due process of the law. And today due process is what laws they make not the laws that were intended to establish the constitution, the government was to expand on our constitutional to make a better to protect the citizens. But instead they obscured the laws making then vague or in the favor of the big banks. Our legal system should be tested by all the people to see how well the expanded constitutional laws and civil laws protect the people. I know it started of saying We the people. And good laws were formed to protect the people, but now it only protects the rich, powerful and banks. So if you want to know the truth it was just said. Isn’t time the people of this country stop the terrine, unjust and biasses of our legal system and start to come together for changes in our laws to protect the people. We should investigate our legal system and the laws which govern the people. What I know is because America was being abused by England as we are now by our own government through the the laws the rich lobbyists lobby to get control and steal our rights by oppression and to impose fear on the public to maintain the control saying this is better for you. Let me ask you one last question who starts wars? Governments, politicians and who fights the wars, we’ll let me guess the people. Well I say the politicians who start wars should go fight them and let the people watch and we keep electing new politicians to continue their war until they figure it out that they could settle a lot without a war. Because if they had to give up their lives, I bet you there will be no wars and good laws in effect. Thank you for listening and we need to stand as one people and one nation to bring back what a lot of good people died for a war that freed us from everything listed in our Declaration of Independence. God help us all.

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  2. This topic is still revelant today because our clueless lawmakers don’t know squat and don’t want to educate themselves with the mortgage securitization and the mortgage being sold on Wall Street. Congress is the entity that passed a bill to allow Wall Street to sell mortgage and the notes to Wall Street which why we will have so many problems with titles and assignment of mortgages because the loans were never properly transferred into the securitized trust. And government regulators are in bed with Wall Street with revolving door jobs and refuse to go after the Wall Street execs criminally. Regulators always had to power to go after the big banks criminally by auditing the banks’ records to whether they properly transferred the loan (which we know they didn’t and why there are just paying fines to government) under the tax status called REMICs. REMICs tax status needs to be stripped for Wall Street banks.

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