Fannie Mae at risk of needing a bailout

Just say No! Remember that? Fannie & Freddie were at the architects of MERS and co-conspirators of the corruption that has taken our country down. Say NO to any bailouts! Tell the banks and the governments to give the properties back to its specific state and let state governments renegotiate with the homeowners based on an accurate appraisal. Think of it this way – states need money to replenish their pension funds they gambled away with the Wall Street banks. Think of 1 million payments of $1000+\- a month…

Justice League

Here we go again…

Fannie Mae, the state-sponsored U.S. mortgage backer, is at risk of needing a government bailout that could shake confidence in the housing finance market, senior officials have warned.

Fannie Mae’s chief executive and its regulator are sounding the alarm on a decline in the institution’s capital cushion, which is on course to vanish in 2018, when it would have to ask the US Treasury for emergency funds.

Their warnings highlight Washington’s inaction on housing policy and its failure to reform the institution, which guarantees nearly $3 trillion of securities and enables 30-year fixed rate loans, following the last financial crisis.

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