Clinton hits Sanders for voting CFMA bill yet didn’t mention the legislation was signed into law by Bill Clinton

Foreclosure nightmares and our suffering economy are a result of the Clinton deregulation. To have even brought that up, and then to dump it on Bernie, is unconscionable.

Justice League

Sunday’s Presidential Democratic Debate on the issue of Wall Street was pretty intense by the three candidates.


(CNN)Hillary Clinton on Sunday night sought to plant seeds of doubt in voters’ minds over Bernie Sanders’ repeated pledges to crack down on Wall Street.

To do it, Clinton had to go back more than 15 years, and shine a light on a decision that her husband, by his own admission, would come to regret.

“You’re the only one on this stage that voted to deregulate the financial market in 2000,” Clinton said, making reference to his support for former President Bill Clinton’s Commodity Futures Modernization Act.

The law effectively gave bankers, or “sophisticated traders,” free rein from pre-existing oversight mechanisms when they wanted to make deals on the sidelines of the major stock exchanges, in “over-the-counter” trading.

Clinton himself would later cop to having made a serious mistake in signing…

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