China Officials Warn of Global Financial Crisis


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Chinese officials predict economic turmoil for the global economy.  State Councillor Yang Jiechi told G-20 representatives in Beijing that recent volatility and “constant changes and intense transformations” will lead to unprecedented challenges to the world.  “It is not possible to completely discard the possibility that an economic crisis could once again take place, and the problem should not be neglected,” he said in the meeting, adding “preventing or reducing negative effects from countries’ domestic policy measures is a pressing task.”

A China Problem?

A growing number of analysts are fearful that a new economic downturn may gin, not because of a drag from the United States, but from disappointment in China. Prior to Yang’s comments, data from China’s 2015 two-way trade report showed that the country’s trade had fallen 8 percent on a year-over-year basis to $3.96 trillion, far below the 6 percent growth that the government had hoped for.

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3 thoughts on “China Officials Warn of Global Financial Crisis

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